Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stealth Upload - New Daily Practice Jacket, Sunset Salutation LS, and More

lululemon-dailly-practice-jacket sapphire
Daily Practice Jacket in Sapphire

lululemon-dailly-practice-jacket sapphire
lululemon-dailly-practice-jacket sapphire
lululemon-dailly-practice-jacket herringbone
Herringbone - Canada only right now

lululemon-dailly-practice-jacket slate
Heathered Slate

lululemon gather-together-jacket
Gather Together Jacket

New Daily Practice Jacket uploaded to the US and Canada. This jacket reminds me a little of the old Gather Together jacket. Canada got a Herringbone version that the US didn't. I would order one right now but I don't love that the jacket doesn't zip up into a turtleneck. My neck is already cold looked at the model. I also don't love that such a long jacket doesn't have a two way zip.

The US also got the Angel Wing and Black Sunset Salutation LS uploaded. I ordered the black to try.

lululemon-swiftly-ss pipe-dream
Pipe Dream Swiftly SS

lululemon-scuba-iii regal-plum
Regal Plum Scuba III

Universal Wrap


Anonymous said...

Im not seeing the daily practice jacket or the sunset salutation LS on the US site, did they take them down already?

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen the daily practice jacket in stores yet? I need a fit review! Wondering if this is a size down item like the stride. I never use the 2 way zip and kind of prefer a jacket without the turtle neck so this looks amazing!

OttawaLuluLover said...

The Regal plum scuba is gorgeous! Might have to try it on when it comes to Canada. Btw, the stealth upload for Canada also included a mini cheque pique Sapphire sea mist rulu vinyasa, as well as two vitasea vinyasas (but the images are identical to the French terry one, which were uploaded on Tue - weird!). Ankle warmers were also added!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this in store and can provide a fit review? I'm wondering if it's a size down item like the Stride. I never use the 2 way zip and I prefer a jacket without the turtle-neck, so this looks amazing!

Sophie said...

I'm tempted by that Angel Wing Sunset Salutation top mostly because I love the color and the ruching across the tummy, but necklines like that often bother me because of where the seam lays across the chest - it's either across the middle of one boob or not quite underneath either of them...I don't know, something about it irks me.

Alejandra said...

Managed to somehow grab a winged mosaic diversity bag and a pair of the highest times in my size just now! Hope the order actually goes through, I think they were returns because now both items as out of stock.

Anonymous said...

the sunset salutation ls top is really nice in person I am tempted to get one, I just don't like the price.