Sunday, August 16, 2015

Product Drop - Fluffiest Vest, Fluffing Awesome Jacket, Go the Distance Half Zip, Sun to Moon Scarf

lululemon-fluffiest-vest naval-plaid

lululemon-fluffiest-vest naval-plaid

lululemon-fluffiest-vest camo

lululemon-fluffiest-vest green
I stopped in the Robson store this morning before I had to leave for the airport and they had some of the new items we'll see on the upload. These are the New Fluffiest Vest colors. All the colors were super pretty in real life. My niece ended up getting the naval plaid one. The vests are $168.

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet camo

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet camo

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet camo

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet gator



lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet black

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet black

lululemon-fluffing-awesome-jacet black
I made my sister model this. She's a 4.
Fluffing Awesome Jackets in camo, Gator Green and Black. The solid colors have a pretty sheen to them. The jackets are $228.

lululemon-go-the-distance-pullover caspian



lululemon-go-the-distance-pullover-speckles- tag
The Go the Distance Half Zips were super pretty and I wanted to try them on but I had to leave for the airport. I'm glad to see Caspian Blue is back. I liked the black print a lot as well. There was also a solid black. These are $88.

lululemon-sun-to-moon-scarf cranberry

lululemon-sun-to-moon-scarf gator

The Sun to Moon scarves were gorgeous. I was sorely tempted to get one but the line was long. Two colors - Cranberry and Gator. These are $68.


Unknown said...

I got both the cranberry and gator sun/moon scarves and I love them! I threw them on my order last-minute as a probable return but I wanted to check them out. I like the cranberry one better, but I'm keepin' them both. I've been off my vinyasa craze for awhile, so I hope new fall patterns are coming because I will be grabbing.

Unknown said...

Thank you for having your sister model the jacket. I loove the same one your sister tried on and love the greenish sheen vest with the butterfly print lining. With our heat, I really can't fathom puffy down jackets right now.

Stephanie said...

LLA, do you think the U.S. will get these vests?

Julie B said...

I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog! Yes, I went back to the first posts and have been working my way forward. It is fun to see the older colors, styles, etc. I am an ultrarunner and always looking for good performance clothing. Since I've been purchasing Lululemon I've also been able to wear much of my running clothing to work, too. I work in a middle school, very casual. In your first posts you were making comments that you don't run, it's fun to see that you are now running MANY half marathons. Good for you!! I have the cranberry running skirt-I purchase the talls in skirts so they aren't too short for my taste-although I am only 5'6". I am looking for a bra to match - not just black and am not finding anything. I swung by the Mall of America store yesterday and didn't see anything there, either. Is there a top or bra your would recommend for matching? I have a 100 miler coming up in September that I'd like to wear the cranberry skirt to, other than the swift silver fox :) Again, thanks for the blog, so enjoying it!

Cwags said...

Thankyou for the pics of the jackets ! Missed out on fluffin awesome last year. Just wondering if she found the 4 pretty fitted? Just want to know if I need to size up to a 6? I often find the down jackets tight

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA! I'm sorry to be off-topic, but I am desperately searching for a reputable "place" to sell some now too-large LLL. I found 2 groups on FB: Lululemon Trading Post and Lululemon Exchange, but I can't get approved for these closed groups for anything. Is there some sort of secret password I need to msg an admin with?! I'm serious, though ... is there? Thanks!!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:21 pm - I know a lot of people like Lululemon 911 right now. I'm not sure how the waiting list situation is, though:

Bidding Battles is another good group: