Monday, August 3, 2015

Pink Lemonade CRB, Cranberry Define, Cranberry DSPs, and More

lululemon cranberry-pink-lemonade cool-racerback
Some in-store photos of new product in Vancouver. All photos are thanks to Ms. R. New Heathered Cranberry and Pink Lemonade (see the yoga mat section of the website for the color) CRBs. Heathered CRBs are going up to $48. I want both of these.

lululemon-pink-lemonade cool-racerback
Pink Lemonade Cool Racerback on the right.

lululemon cranberry-define

Cranberry Ziggy Snake and Butterfly Texture Mink Define Jackets. Both are $118. Thank god that Cranberry one is not solid, money saved.

lululemon cranberry-tie-dye-swiftly
Cranberry Tie Dye Swiftly SS. I think I need this.

lululemon cranberry-studio-pant
 Craberry Studio Pants

Cranberry Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-sweaty-or-not butterfly
So Fly Butterly print Sweaty or Not Bra

Pink Lemonade Energy Bra. I have enough Energy Bras but this is pretty tempting.

lululemon vinyasa

lululemon-rum-times butterfly

lululemon-rum-times butterfly
So Fly Butterfly Run Times shorts - love this print.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't the Run Times butterfly print be like the colorful one in the Sweaty or Not bra? Ugh. Lately Lulu has really been a huge miss for me. It's like the *almost* get it right. Too expensive to buy if I just absolutely don't love.

Deezee007 said...

LLA- how does Pink Lemonade compare to Very Light Flare and Grapefruit, they look like they are very similar.

I am tempted by that Cranberry Define, OMG. And butterflies!! SO many butterflies :)

Anonymous said...

So much pretty stuff is coming! I just want it all! I definitely want those Cranberry Studio Pants and the In Flux Jacket. I love the new Butterfly Prints, I love Butterflies, so pretty! Very excited for tomorrows upload, can hardly wait!

Laurie said...

Love the butterfly print on run times shorts - is the trim cranberry? I would love to see a solid cranberry CRB or swiftly...can't wait for more colors for fall

Anonymous said...

WTF. I am not paying an extra $5 for heathered material. These little increases are pissing me off. Like roll down pants adds $10 or a print adds $10. Just like those defines. $118?! No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh ohhhh the run times that print :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think about the Cranberry Define. I'm not fond of snakeskin prints. I would absolutely love a Cranberry Define Jacket though! Maybe just a little bit of snakeskin print won't be too bad, and I know I like the Defines with the different colour contrasting symbol, I find them the most figure flattering. I'm hoping I can make a trip in to my closest store to see this one, it's one of those things I'd want to see in person first.

Anonymous said...

Nothing appealing to me, except maybe the energy bra. I don't think I have a shade like that, not that I need another one.

The s/s swiftly crew looks like a dress to me...I had to double check it was a size 2. Proportions look strange. Maybe it's just the angle it was shot at. Love the tie dye!

Cranberry looks like a bluer casted red than the reds I've seen for the past couple of years. I like how it looks in photos. Will need to see in person to really evaluate.

off topic, I just finished the book The Yoga Store Murder. I could not put it down. What a story. If anyone has not read it and is into real life crime, this is as good a one as I've ever read. LLA, if this comment is not ok to post, would you be kind enough to just delete this last paragraph?

Anonymous said...

I tried the new Cranberry Define on today and the snakeskin print prevented me from pulling the trigger - I think I would just get tired of that trim very soon.

Julie said...

As much as I love and support LLL I'm getting really annoyed with all these "additional" charges just cause. $118 for the Defines? Really?! They're getting a little ridic with their prices.

Julie said...

Completely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I am also curious to see how pink lemonade compares to light flash.

OT - Does anyone know if the brown DSPs were ever released? I keep waiting and all we've gotten is the STSs.

Anonymous said...

Those are regular Studio pants? Not the Straight to studio ones.. Super excited if they are the regular ones! Would be nice to see some fun colors again.

Anonymous said...

Totally random question, does anyone know whether sending back a return via USPS or FedEx affects the overall return processing time? I chatted with the GEC and they said it's the same time no matter which carrier is used, but when I send back USPS it seems to take a long time for my refund to credit.

Anonymous said...

I ended up ordering the Cranberry Define despite the snakeskin print. Would have preferred it to be solid, but that little bit of snakeskin trim might look ok. I'll have to see once it arrives, may keep or may not depending how it looks on me. I think it will be nice with solid black pants and a white tank., it also looks quite nice in the website photos with the black tank and slate pants.

Sophie said...

@Anonymous 10:58am I don't think it matters. I just sent a return back via FedEx on July 22nd and just today got my refund notice. It seems to take 2 full weeks no matter how you send it back. Very annoying.

Emily said...

I can't believe I missed the cranberry studio pants... thank you crashing app

Anonymous said...

the butterfly pattern is really pretty and brings back memories of old style lulu.
The sweaty or not bra looks really nice in that print. I love the front of it, but not sure about the back of the bra.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone comment on the material of the heather cranberry CRB? Is it the shiny stuff, or the thicker/softer material? TYIA!

kmick said...

I second your first comment. I bought the flash light crb thinking it was pink lemonade (dummy for not reading the color code). LLA, can you identify the other color in your 2nd pic?

LuluAddict said...

@kmick - it's grapefruit