Friday, August 28, 2015

New What We Love

lululemon-define space-dye-twist-regal-plum

New Space Dye Twist Regal Plum Alarming Define - really liking this one. I have the Sapphire Space Dye Twist WUCs and the material is so soft.


These Heathered Ultra Violet High Times are super cute.

lululemon-clouded-dreams-multi distance-jacket
Very pretty new print called Clouded Dreams Multi. I'd love a Sculpt Tank in it.

lululemon windy-blooms-sapphire cool-racerback
Windy Blooms Sapphire looks like a swimsuit print from this photo but maybe it's better in person.

Really loving the Fatigue Bhakti Jacket. Maybe I'll finally succumb and get one.

Cute Fatigue version of the Satnam tank.

Sapphire Blue Pleat to Street Skirt. Crossing my fingers for a Sapphire CRB.

lululemon-ebb-to-street cadet-sapphire
Cadet/Sapphire Tie Die ebb to Street Pants.

lululemon 1x-a-lady-jacket black

lululemon-free-to-be-bra apex-stripe-cranberry


Anonymous said...

looks like they redesigned the Bhakti acket! if it is changed from the last release (super short back and crappy material!) I will definitly get one! :D

Shannon Bayley said...

OOOH love that cranberry stripe Free to Be! Such a lovely fall color combo. Will definitely need to pick up that one.

Lululover said...

I want to see that Define in person. I'm also liking the new Go the distance print, but don't think I need a jacket in it . I wonder if we will still get Cadet/Sapphire ITF if we get ETS? OT: I got my cotton Vinyasa last night, really liking it. I have several Rulu ones, but this one looks & feels different , can't wait to wear it

Anonymous said...

I think you would love the Bhakti jacket. I have it in black swan from last year and even though the double zipper is a little weird, it holds you in nicely and really accentuates your shape. It's one of my favorite jackets to pair with leggings.

Anonymous said...

Love those rich tie dye colors! Also want that striped ftb

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:41 PM - I don't think it looks any different than it did before, it looks the same to me. Also, I find the jacket a bit long in the arms and a tad long at the front, I didn't find the back to be too short though, it was just right, I think it just seems short because the front is longer.

Anonymous said...

1x a lady is back? even though it was super unsuccessful last year? weird.

Anonymous said...

I got one of the original release Bhakti Jackets and love it, tried on the last release and they were not near as good, love this one but want the quality of the one I have. As for that Define jacket... I am in love! I hope it gets uploaded to the US in comming weeks but I am going to be calling my store quite freqently until then to see if they have it.

Anonymous said...

The cranberry-bordeaux ftb bra is the only item I find appealing. Bhakti Jacket also looks nice but I don't need it.

Anonymous said...

I have to send a big thank you to whoever posted about the fluffiest vests ringing up $30 cheaper in store. I had ordered one and was on the fence about keeping it because of the nearly $170 price tag. It arrived in the mail today and I really liked it so called my store. The ed on the phone told me it was $138 but when he transferred me to the ed to place my ship to store she said it was $168! When I said the previous ed had quoted me a different price, she apologized immediately and gave me the $138. Seemed strange! Like maybe the stores are bumping the price to match the online price?? Either way I have the vest I like for a price I feel okay about.

Anonymous said...

LLA, I wasn't fond of the Bhakti Yoga Jacket the first time I tried one. Last fall I had ordered a Black one and ended up returning it after trying it on several times. Wasn't too sure of the way it was fitting me around the underarm area and across the shoulders and upper back - it seem like it was too big there even though fit great everywhere else. Well, this spring I tried again (wanting to give it another chance since it's such a unique jacket, plus I absolutely love fitted jackets), and it turns out this time I felt good enough about keeping it. I even ended up ordering the other two colours it came in! (still fits the same, I'm just not focusing on those areas and being as nitpicky about it, it looks good despite those concerns I was worried about before!)

Anonymous said...

@annoy 4:48. I was the one who posted early this week about the price difference. Glad you were able to get the vest at the lower price. I also got mine for $138 when this happened. I was thrilled with this price point. I was in my store today and didn't look to see if the price had been changed to $168.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I went to the store today and saw the vest at $138! It was in The Woodlands, TX

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how close fatigue is to wren? I love wren but worried that fatigue has too much yellow in it for my skin tone.

Deezee007 said...

LLA- is the Bhakti jacket the same shape as the Define with a different front design?

I love this jacket, but it reminds me so much of a Define from the back.