Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers


I think I missed these last week but they're something I know more than a few people have wanted, me included: Speed Crops. These are Heathered Black. There is also a solid Black. I can't wait until these hit the US.


Black Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Crops. I love my jacquard WUPS from last year. Hoping a pant version turns up soon.

Naval Blue Cyber Stripe Pace Rival Crops. These were uploaded to Canada tonight.

Sapphire Blue Wunder Under Pants

 Luxtreme (is full-on luxtreme going away) Fatigue Butterfly Speed Tights - love these!

Ziggy Snake Wunder Under Pants

 Butterfly Sunset Salutation Short

Fatigue Super Squad Shorts

Why did they have to ruin the Gator Swiftly tank with a snake pattern?


Gator Cyber Stripe Mesh With Me Tank

Silver/Alarming Flow Y. It seems late to be getting this.

lululemon-wild-tank angel-wing
Angel/Alarming Wild Tank

Fatigue In Flux Jacket

Gator/Butterfly Print Wrap It Up Tank. This is so pretty.



Very cute Twice As Nice Tote.


Actively Petite said...

I really want the Naval Blue Cyber Stripe Pace Rival Crops because the Run the World Tights in that print just did not work out for me. Why does Canada keep getting all the awesome pace rival crop prints!? There have been at least three I know of that never made it down to the US. I REALLY hope these do, I really want them!

Unknown said...

Because Canada rocks!!! Woooohooo 😆😃😄✌

Anonymous said...

I like the style of that new tote, hope it's coming in some other colours.

I have the Pipe Dream Blue Snake Long Sleeve Swiftly top, I'm not a snake print fan at all, and would have passed on this one if I hadn't tried it on in store. It is super flattering on, the combination of the colour and the print looks fantastic on. Also, the fabric on this one is super soft and nice and thick too. So glad I decided to give this one a chance. I think I'd pass on the Gator Green Snake one though, I don't care for any of the Gator Green stuff in the Snake print at all, although absolutely do love the colour.

I like the Black Jacquard WUC, I wonder if those ones are the regular style WU waistband or the new contour waist. I don't like what's going on lately with all the waistbands on all the classic styles, not impressed with the changes at all.

Anonymous said...

Loving the new Fatigue In Flux Jacket! Never used to be a fan of fatigue green, but it's definitely growing on me these days.

Anonymous said...

Speed crops! How exciting. Just hope they make it here before it starts snowing on the east coast. They might fit the bill for the reader that was looking for crops with thigh pockets? Or do they have a back zip pocket?..

Lululover said...

Chance Helm: Lol!

Unknown said...

lulu often does a crap job of showing the inside of the bags

Unknown said...

I wonder what the inside of that bag looks like and hope it comes in black. and has at least one water bottle pocket.

Anonymous said...

I think that bag is a little cheesy.