Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Definitely Raining Jacket In-Store Photos

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket cashew

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket cashew-zip

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket cashew-zipper

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket cashew hood

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket cashew liner

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket gator-green

lululemon definitely-raining-jacket gator-green

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket gator-green liner

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket gator-green

lululemon-definitely-raining-jacket gator-green tag
Thanks to Ms. K. for some photos of the new Definitely RainingJacket in Cashew and Gator Green. I love the liner of the green one. It's the same as used on the reverse side of the Fluffed Up Vest that is out in Australia right now:

A Soft Earth version of the Butterfly print that has Alarming accents. I'd love a piece in this version of the print.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried on Groove pants III? I am glad that they got rid of the roll down feature. In the description, it says that the knee area has been tightened. I wonder if overall the legs are cut narrower, which will be an improvement from the previous version.

Stephanie said...

Do we think the U.S. will get the Soft Earth Fluffed Up Vest?

amy@cafeMakeup said...

These are great pictures! The Gator Green is really tempting.

Lululover said...

Looks nice , but price is hard to swallow

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:13 AM - I haven't tried the New Groove III, but have been curious about them as well. I think the leg (at the knee only)has gone back to how it was on the Grooves previous to the Groove II's with the slightly tighter knees, but has kept the added extra length and slightly less flare at the very bottom that the Groove II's have. Wow, I hope that made sense to you! The Groove Pants are my all time favs so I've been keeping an eye on all these changes. I hate the Roll Down Waist on the Groove II's :( I actually really loved the Grooves as they were before the II's, the waistband was perfect, just the right height, not too high and not too low and felt snug and supportive. I think the new III's the waistband is basically the same as the Roll Down though, just that they're calling it High Rise instead of Roll Down :(

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Gator Green Definitely Raining Jacket! Can't wait for US to get that! Alas not on this upload.