Monday, August 31, 2015

Daily Practice Jackets and More


lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire
Sapphire and Heathered Slate Practice Daily Jackets

Sapphire Jazzy Snake Cool Racerback


lululemon beyond-boundaries-pant
Sunset Salutation LS, Beyond Boundaries Pant, and Fluffiest Vest


dogrunner said...

speaking of pants....I am on the fence with the wee stripe pace setters I ordered. I don't love the mesh down the back of the leg...because its black and the seams are black..there is a lot of contrast and just seems busy to me. Does anyone have these running pants that can comment if they like them or not?

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic - does anyone know how the Men's Sweat Session 1/2 Zips fit (small, large)? I'm looking to pick up one on sale for my boyfriend and they currently have an XXL online.

He would normally be an XL in other Tech shirts (Nike, Under Armour, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Hi LLA, Did you like/keep your Sunset Salutation LS and/or any comments on fit/function? Thank you!!

Sophie said...

I have those Beyond Boundaries pants - love them!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 11:46 am - My Sunset Salutation doesn't come until Tuesday but I tried it today at the store. I tried on the Black, Mink Berry stripe, and Angel Wing and brought home the Angel Wing. I'll be returning the black when it comes since I have quite a few black rulu tops already. I also bought every Awesoma Henley they made last year when it hit WMTM so I have enough striped light rulu tops, too. I thought the fit was TTS. The gathers on the side do a nice job of hiding tummy squishiness that light rulu might otherwise reveal. All in all, an excellent piece. I cannot wait to wear it.