Monday, August 24, 2015

Beyond Boundaries Pant, Super Sport Tank, Stillness Pant, and More

Fatigue Jazzy Snake Beyond Boundaries Pant

I missed these photos last week - Go the Distance Short and the Super Sport Tank. If this tank doesn't look like something I'd rip off as soon as I got home from the gym I don't know what does. This is from a Canadian store - anyone try it on yet? Is it more comfortable than it looks?

Super Sport Tank back situation.

Ghost Dot Power Y, Seva Sweater, and Stillness Pant. I saw the Ghost Dot Power Y in the store last week and it has a rather icky polyester feel to it. It's a bummer since it's so cute in photos.

Stillness Pant and Sun to Moon Scarf

Butterfly Texture Go the Distance Half Zip and Fluffiest Vest in Coast Camo.

 Pipe Dream Wild Tank and Sapphire Space Dye Twist Wunder Under Crops. I got these crops and they are fantastically thick and soft.

Wee Stripe Pace Rival Crops and Pipe Dream Wild Tank

Pizazz Swiftly Tank and Butterfly Speed Shorts


Laurie said...

Crossing my fingers the US gets the Fluffiest Vest this week! :)

Laura P said...

The Super Sport Tank has elements that it could be ok, but the clasp back looks like every bra my grandmother owned. I just don't understand why Lulu can't get their game together for larger chested women. They design amazing technical fabrics with cute and covetable prints, yet every D cup and up item they design is either matronly or the construction strangles the life out of my girls. I'm a 32D, so not that large...

Anonymous said...

I received my ghost dot Power Y from last week's upload a couple days ago and just adore it! Luckily I am not sensitive to the fabric and it doesn't bother me at all. It's really cute, and a bit different.

Unknown said...

I actually love my super sport tank. I find it to be very comfortable. It offers the right amount of coverage and a lot of support for my dance classes, so I don't have any awkward jiggling jetes. I agree that the bra hook back is kind of funky looking, but it helps it be more supportive and customizable, since I'm kind of between a 32 and 34DD.