Friday, August 21, 2015

Beyond Boundaries Pant, Go the Distance Half Zip, Seva Seater, and More

lululemon-go-the-distance half-zip vest

lululemon-go-the-distance half-zip vest vent-it-out-crop
Caspian Go the Distance Half Zip, Go the Distance Vest, Cranberry Jazzy Snake Vent It Out Crops, and Run the World Tights

lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant seva-sweater
lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant seva-sweater

 Beyond Boundaries Pant and Seva Sweater


Cranberry Vent It Out Crops, Pipe Dream Jazzy Snake Cool Racerback, and Cranberry Define

lululemon-metta-high-times crew-love-pullover


lululemon-metta-high-times seva-sweater
Metta High Times, Crew Love Pullover, and Seva Sweater.

lululemon-run-the-world-tight go-the-distance-vest

lululemon-run-the-world-tight go-the-distance-vest

Run the World Tights, Go the Distance Pullover, and Go the Distance Vest


Anonymous said...

Enough with the snake print stuff. Makes everything look cheap.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased the Pipe Dream Blue Snake Cool Racerback, love it, it's one of the 'shinier' fabric ones that I see a lot of people don't like as much, but have to say, I really love this one, the fabric is nice and thick, and I think it looks fantastic on. Also, purchased the Pipe Dream Blue Snake Swiftly Long Sleeve, it's nice and thick(feels thicker than all my other Swiftly tops) and soft, love it too! And finally, last but definitely not least, the Stillness Pants in both the Black and the Cranberry/Red Snake, absolutely love these pants, the Cranberry/Red Snake is beautiful. I'm so pleased with my new purchases, happy to have had the chance to stop into a store this evening, ended up with a couple of things I wouldn't have otherwise.

Beth said...

so agree with Anon about the snake print. Enough already. I'm done with it and I'm sure we've just seen the tip of the ice berg in terms of the snake print. Though I'm sure people could say the same about prints I like such as the butterfly ones etc.

stylistadiva1 said...

It's really difficult to assess some of the product from these photos. I think I might like the Beyond Boundaries pant, but it's hard to say since the pictures are all done with weird angles. Cool photography, but not great for viewing the product and details.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:17 PM - normally I'd agree with this, was never a fan of snake print or animal prints, not a fan of all the mesh stuff either, but have given a few of the new snake print pieces a chance this past couple of weeks (love the jewel tone blues and reds and the print looks really nice with these colours), and have to say, it can be pulled off quite well. I didn't like the last round of snake prints at all though, I think that was over the winter when those came out, those were horrendous in my opinion, but there were some who liked it. I find the pieces I got can look quite classy, it just depends on how you wear it. One piece at a time, and with the rest of outfit being classic basic pieces in solid classic colours it can look quite nice and not at all cheap. I'm very happy with my purchases and glad I branched out to add a little something different like this to my closet. I know it's not for everyone though, but that's the point in having so many different choices to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone, this time it just so happens to be the snake prints, next time will be something different but then there will be someone who won't like it :) It would be impossible to please everyone all of the time.

Lululover said...

I got Go the distance vest yesterday at my store in black, but now looking at these pictures I'm liking Angel Wing a lot! So torn , black seems to be more practical , but Angel Wing is so pretty! And I know I don't need 2 vests, especially so lightweight . Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting the concept of this vest. Its cute, but seems pretty useless. Too bad the vent it crops don't have thigh pockets..

OT - I'm really liking the look of the bliss bag. Has anyone bought it/ checked it out in person? The last few totes they have released have been lint magnets.

Anonymous said...

Really liking the Go the Distance half zip. I have only ever run in summer weather, so am looking to get some fall and winter running staples. Would love suggestions. Thank you, fellow addicts!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 12:28pm - I love my Speed Tights to death and I really love my Race with Grace brushed luxtreme pullovers. not sure if they'll be back this fall but those are two of my cooler weather favorite pieces.

Anonymous said...

The go the distance top looks awesome. Caspian blue is one of my favorite lulu colors. Hoping they keep that one as a staple for the cold months.