Monday, August 24, 2015

Australian Spoilers

Yogini Trouser Pants are back for some reason. These are in the Butterfly Texture print and are luon.

Mink Berry Circadian LS. I like this top a lot. This is made of pima cotton.

Give Me Qi crops. These are luon.

Vitasea Find Your Zen SS.

lululemon-vinyasa desert-olive
Fatigue/Desert Olive Vinyasa. I really like Desert Olive.

lululemon-coast-camp towel
Towel in the new Coast Camo print. I'm not sure I can get into another camo print.

Butterfly print Find Your Bliss Bag.

Blue Coast Camo Bolt Sweatpant


Cotton Veda Wrap.

Coco Pique Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants


OttawaLuluLover said...

Yogini pants?? Again? Do they just have leftover luon fabric lying around that needs to be used up? I see no other reason to bring back a style that always lingers on wmtm. Sigh

Anonymous said...

That pattern doesn't really look too camo like. it seems to look like water surface in my opinion.


Deezee007 said...

I agree with M, it looks like water.

I think they released this pattern in the Australian swim collection earlier this year. I remember because they released this print with a real water graphic and it looked like a fiery sunset over water. Bummed I missed it in my size :(

Anonymous said...

Safe! Altho the Circadian LS looks nice.

Starfighter said...

Love the camo pants and the wrap! Thank you for the update :)

Alyssa Jobs said...

Did the US ever get the short sleeve find your zen? should we expect to get the blue one?