Monday, August 31, 2015

Australian Spoilers

lululemon kanto-catch-me tank

lululemon kanto-catch-me tank windy-blooms

lululemon kanto-catch-me tank windy-blooms
New Windy Blooms Kanto Catch Me Tank in full-on luxtreme. I don't love this print or style.

lululemon kanto-catch-me bra

lululemon kanto-catch-me bra
New Kanto Catch Me Bra in ultraviolet.

lululemon ghost-dot define
Ghost Dot print Define.

lululemon sculpt-tank

lululemon sculpt-tank
lululemon sculpt-tank
Sculpt Tanks are back.

lululemon vent-it-out-crop kanto-stripe
Kanto Stripe Vent It Out Crop

lululemon align-pant
New Align Pant made of Nulu.

lululemon all-the-right-places crop
New All the Right Places Crop

lululemon rain-on train-on-crop

lululemon rain-on train-on-crop
New Rain On Train On Tight. 

lululemon tight-stuff-tight

lululemon tight-stuff-tight
New Tight Stuff 7/8 Tight

lululemon zone-in-crop
New Zone In Crops.

lululemon stuff-your-bra
Stuff Your Bra in Windy Blooms

lululemon ultraviolet-pace-rival-skirt
Ultra Violet Pace Rival Skirt

lululemon sweaty-or-not-shower-kit
New Windy Blooms Sweaty or Not shower kit.

lululemon ultra-violet what-the-sport-mesh
Ultra Violet What the Sport 

lululemon ultra-violet-swiftly
Ultra Violet Swiflty Tank

lululemon alarming-swiftly
Alarming Swiftly Tank

lululemon alarming-speed-shorts
Alarming Speed Shorts

lululemon ghost-dot-speeds
Ghost Dot Speed Shorts

The New Pants Wall Revealed: From Yoga/Run/To-From to Tight/Hugged/Held-In/Naked/Relaxed

The new Pants Wall Organization System has been revealed on the Australian website (I'll post the upload after this) and I've spent a little time wrapping my head around it:

In the Australian upload there are two bottoms under the TIGHT designator. Both are made of Full-on Luxtreme so I would like to equate TIGHT = An all Full-on Luxtreme item but under the next looser category, HUGGED, there are also bottoms made of full-on luxtreme so I'm not sure what the defining characteristic is. The new TIGHT pants also don't seem to have any special panels or seaming to add compression but the photos are pretty terrible so it's hard to tell.

HUGGED seems to include most of the bottoms now - Inspires, In the Flows, Wunder Unders, Speed Tights, High Times. etc., and a variety of fabrics. This category has both run and yoga-oriented bottoms in it and seems too broad in functionality.

HELD IN - is a single pair of crops called Zone in Crops made of knit material with compression zones.

NAKED is a single pair of new Align pants made of NuLu.

RELAXED are all loose fitting bottoms - Yogini Trousers, Studio Pants, Jet Crops.

The new categories are either too narrow (NAKED, HELD IN) or too broad (HUGGED). The ability to sort by activity, such as for RUN bottoms, is gone. My own personal collection tends to be split along heat management (i.e., I need cool clothes for running or spin) and functionality. So all my run bottoms are together, my general gym bottoms consisting of Wunder Under Crops and knit-type bottoms like In the Flows, and then everything else is casual - textured luons (pique, herringbone, jacquard, denim, etc.) which are too hot to work out in, loose pants, and track/sweat pants. Temperature definitely takes precedence over compression for me.

NuLu Introductory Video & Choose Feeling Video

Keeping it classy.

Lululemon posted a couple of interesting - entertaining, in a unique way - new videos to introduce the new fabric/fit terminology. This video introduces the new NuLu fabric. It sounds kind of nice but I wonder what coverage is like on those of us without perfect muscle tone.

I'm not sure what to make of the Choose Feeling video. I don't know if it's because I was trained and worked as an engineer for many years or because I'm a Gen Xer but this doesn't resonate at all with me. I don't know what feelings have to do with athletic clothing other than you don't want your clothes to get in the way of enjoying your workout and being in the moment. If that's the message this video was trying to give, I didn't get it.

Photos of the Design Details of the Daily Practice and Go the Distance Half Zip




Close up of the mesh arm.

lululemon-daily-practice-jacket tag
I tried on the Daily Practice Jacket today and was surprised to find out the underside of the arm is mesh since it's not mentioned in any of the web text or highlighted in the photos. Since this jacket comes in herringbone I assume it is a fall piece and am surprised at the design choice for a partially mesh arm. I do like this cooling feature in some of my pullovers (e.g., Race with Grace) and summer weight run jackets but I think of a jacket as long as the Daily Practice a strictly to/fro piece. In fact, the times I spotted Stride Jackets the most was when traveling so I think people use this type of jacket as a casual piece and not a technical piece. Besides the mesh arm, I thought the jacket could really use a two-way zipper. It seemed to be just as long at the old Gather Together jacket. The luon in the Sapphire one did not strike me as particularly thick but the mesh arms could have been throwing me off. If you've been waiting for a long jacket, this isn't a bad choice but I didn't love it enough to get one and would probably pass on WMTM, too. Sizing was TTS.

Mesh cuffs.

Backside of fabric is Mink Berry.

Neck and back pleats.

My store also got the Go the Distance Pullovers in. I tried on the Butterfly Texture print one. The luxtreme is nicely thick so this top will not reveal any midsection squishiness. The backside of this print is Mink Berry and it fades with stretching so if you have a larger chest be aware. I also thought the use of mesh at the cuffs was an odd choice. I didn't love the pleat detail at the neck either. It's an ok pullover but not one I'd part with $90+ for. Sizing was TTS.

Spotted in Stores: Gator/Fatigue Race to Place Hat

lululemon gator-race-to-place-hat
I just picked up this cute Gator Green with a Fatigue brim Race to Place Hat. I didn't notice it when I checked out but the price on this one is $38 vs. the normal $32 for this style. I assume it's because of the extra reflectivity but I think the diamond dots make this hat so I'll swallow hard and accept the price on this hat.
lululemon fatigue-baller-cap
I didn't notice it last week but Australia got a Fatigue Green with Gator brim Baller Cap. This is not the perforated version but the treated canvas version. This one is cute, too, but I don't feel the need to own it.

Daily Practice Jackets and More


lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire
Sapphire and Heathered Slate Practice Daily Jackets

Sapphire Jazzy Snake Cool Racerback


lululemon beyond-boundaries-pant
Sunset Salutation LS, Beyond Boundaries Pant, and Fluffiest Vest

New Pant Style Hints

lululemon pant

lululemon knit pant
Photos of two of the more interesting new pant styles have popped up on my news feed. The second photos looks like the new knit fabric and the text with it says it has zone compression. The top pant style looks pretty technical and whether they are luxtreme or another material. The new styles are supposed to be revealed tomorrow.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Daily Practice Jacket, Sattva Pant II, and More

lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire

lululemon-daily-practice-jacket sapphire



lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant lighten-up-bra

lululemon-beyond-boundaries-pant lighten-up-bra
The new Daily Practice Jacket in Sapphire, Lighten Up Bra, Beyond Boundaries Pant, and Gym to Win to Duffel.

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-seva-sweater jazzy-snake-wunder-under-pant
Seva Sweater, Jazzy Snake Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants, and Follow Your Bliss Bag.

Sattva Pant and Sunset Salutation LS.