Thursday, July 23, 2015

Picnic Play Dress, Tie Dye Swiftly Tanks, Pedal to the Medal Singlet, and More


lululemon-picnic-play-dress black

lululemon picnic-play-dress

lululemon picnic-play-dress-blaqck


lululemon-picnic-play-dress gray

lululemon picnic-play-dress gray

Picnic Play Dress. I am liking this dress a lot in all the try on photos I've seen.

lululemon-tie-dye silver-fox

lululemon-tie-dye silver-fox

lululemon tie-dye silver-fox

lululemon-tie-dye-swiftly silver-fox

lululemon-tie-dye-swiftly silver-fox

lululemon tie-dye-swiftly-tank silver-fox

lululemon-tie-dye-tank tranquil

lululemon-tie-dye-tank tranquil
The Silver Fox and Tranquil Blue Tie Dye Swiftly Tanks.

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal silver

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal silver singlet

lululemon pedal-to-the-medal silver

lululemon pedal-to-the-medal silver

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal-singlet silver

lululemon pedal-to-the-medal singlet




lululemon pedal-to-the-medal-alarming

lululemon-pedal-to-the-medal black
Pedal to the Medal Singlet. Anyone try this out yet? Does it ride up? I haven't taken the tags off mine yet.


lululemon-go-om-tank serenity

Om  Racerback Tank and Serenity Pant

All Sport Crops


Straight Up Bra and Bali Breeze Boogie Shorts


lululemon all-good-pullover

lululemon-all-good-pullover alarming

lululemon all-good-pullover

lululemon all-good-pullover neck
All Good Pullover

Tranquil Spring Break Away Short


Anonymous said...

I bought the Picnic Play Dress and LOVE IT!!! It is stunning on.

I am shocked at some of the negative comments. It fits like a glove. It's nice thick lion, so yes, it may be a bit more difficult to get on than if it had a zipper, but certainly nothing that would even come close to stopping me from buying this incredibly sexy dress. It is a slim fit. You can see from the photos...body hugging. I'm 5'6" 125 lbs 34D. The size 8 was perfect. Super comfortable. So versatile!

Unknown said...

That dress is gorgeous but looks like it shows every bump and lump and those models are teeny tiny!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'll be calling my store today for the dress! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I bought and returned the picnic play - cute dress - same as refresh racer really, which I can definitely get on much easier. This dress however, made me look like a little boy. Zero boobs!! I don't have much to start with but the compression on this dress just flattened me to nothing. I even put in cups which made no difference. If I don't love it when I put it on, it will just sit in the closet so back it went. I was the 3rd picnic play dress return of the day when I took it into the store.
HINT: to get it on and off easier, step into it like it's overalls. Trying to get it over your head will cause a mild panic attack when you get stuck in the 'it's halfway on and halfway off and I can't get it to go either way' spot! :)

Anonymous said...

OT- the black cherry jet crops are on WMTM, what do we think the chances are that the black ones are soon to follow?

PS- LLA- have you picked out your Sea Wheeze running outfit yet?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't want to be critical, but what happened to the girl wearing wedges, WUP, and a hoodie that doesn't cover the bum? The girl is beautiful and in great shape, but I am a strong believer that unless you are under age of 10 or inside the athletic class, your behind should be at least partially covered if you wear WUP - lulu's or not. As for adding the wedges to this combo....hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I wore the pedal to the medal singlet to an indoor cross training class which included running today. I did not have any problems with it riding up but I can see the potential for it. It is very fitted in the hips. I sized up to an 8 from a 6. I am a 6 on the bottom and it is still clingy by my hips. Performance was great and I am going to grab the red one today. The runner up tank from last year is still my favorite summer top.

Deezee007 said...

Irvine Store has all 3 colors of Picnic Play Dress and a lot of sizes. Just picked up the black and I love it! I know I will get a lot of use out of it as I have with my Refresher Racer Back. These are great for travel. For reference, I am a 34 DD and I felt fully supported, but you will need to use pads from your other Lulu bras.

Anonymous said...

Love these action photos! This is what we need, not the so-called action photos on lulu website.

Anonymous said...

In the picture of the girl with the wedges on what are those pants she has on? I love them!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:34 am - Thanks! I think I am going to take mine back and see if I can get a Canadian friend to snag a 12 for me or I'll see if I can find one when I am in Canada for Sea Wheeze. If not, no biggie becasue I just love my mesh What the Sports to death. They are all I have been wearing to run in lately.

jill said...

I love the leggings the girl with the wedges is wearing. Not sure what they are? And the picnic play dress, I like how fitted it is, but does anyone else think it is a weird length? Below the knee does not look flattering to me. Anyone else think that or is this length the new trend/style?

Anonymous said...

The pants the girl in the wedges is wearing should be the WU, black with white dots. The color is available on the Canadian site:

Anonymous said...

I think the girl with the wedges looks fine. a fit bum looks fine in trousers like that. Don't think she looks trashy at all.