Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pack It Vest, Cardio Squad Tank, and More

Back Spin Stroke Peaccock Top Speed Crops with a Grapefruit CRB and Run for Gold Tank.

Back Spin Inspire Tights.

Pack It Vest. Anyone try this on yet? Is it TTS?

Cardio Squad Tank, Hold Your Om Bra, and Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants

Dottie Dash Step Lively Crops with a Gator Ebb to Street Tank

Narrow Bold Stripe Power Y and Alarming Wunder Under Crops

Wee Space Silver Spoon Jet Crops

The Dance to Yoga SE Wunder Under Pants

Alarming Cool Racerback and Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants

Gingham CRB and Superb Bra

Gingham CRB and Pleat to Street Skirt

Tranquil Swiftly and Alarming Speed Shorts

Split Second Shorts and Pedal to the Medal Singlet

Run Times Shorts, Breezy Singlet, and Splendor Bra


Anonymous said...

I just want to know when the naval blue In the Flows are coming! I know they were uploaded to some of the international sites ... when to the US!? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

If you are still looking for wanderlust kimonos or highest times pants there are still plenty at the Kingston Ontario store. I tried the highest times pants and found them quite tight through the leg, and i have relatively small calves. They were opaque even in my smaller size 4 in the print. If I were to purchase, I'd go with the size 6. I saw the kimono and thought "I don't need a kimono". Then I TRIED a kimono and thought "I need a kimono..." SO i got the feather one. It's great.

Anonymous said...

The Pack it Vest is TTS, and a little bit more generous in the hip than most LLL jackets (little bit A-line). This is often a sticking point for me, fits fine in the body but just barely at the hips. I WISH LLL WOULD PUT 2 WAY ZIPPERS ON ALL OF THEIR JACKETS!! This adds so much more versatility in terms of fit (when I am running I like a bit of freedom at the hips) and ventilation options.

I liked the style of the vest and will keep it.

Anonymous said...

I tried the peacock spin pattern top speed crops yesterday.....the shading within the pattern on the back made it look like I'd had a nasty "accident" down the back of my leg :( I love top speeds but couldn't get these off quick enough!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:48 am - I bet soon since we got the Seamlessly Streets in that color. I have my eye on those, too.

@ anon 4:44 pm - Thanks! Since I am pear-shaped the hips are always an issue.

@ anon 8:20 pm - the print also has little distress marks in it, too.

Anonymous said...

Bah ha ha! When I saw them, my first reaction was wtf did she sit in???

Anonymous said...

I think the design department has been sampling A LOT of the seawheeze beer from the looks of those top speed crops...

Anonymous said...

To this day I continue to be fascinated by LLL lack of care with pattern placement. Riiight like anyone wants a big splotch on their butt like they sat in paint.

I also find it funny that they pulled back on eds modelling clothes (I read here). But then when they do, this is what they post. Watch them go to markdown and then people will compromise and wear the discounted crops with the splotch on their butt.