Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers

Angel Wing is one of my favorite off-whites. Shown in the new Back Pack It Jacket. I'm really liking this. I wonder how this jacket differs from the Miss Misty.

Wee Space Pace Rivals have hit HK so I would hope that means we're getting them soon.

I tried on the Wee Space Inspire Tights over the weekend but I'd much rather have the Speed Tights. I hope we get these.

New Gather and Sprint crop in Ace Spot Grain and Wee Space.

All Sport Crops in Classic Stripe.

New Hotty Hot short print in Alley Stripe Angel Wing.

Pace Rival Skirt

What the Sport Short. These are solid black in the back.


Sophie said...

Is it just me, or are those gather and sprint crops an awkward length? I definitely want a jacket/sweatshirt in Angel Wing too - curious to see that jacket if it turns up in stores.

Anonymous said...

There is also the narrow bold stripe black angel wing/grapefruit WUC on the HK site. I'm hoping it won't be sheer.

Anonymous said...

Just no. To all of it. :P

The All Sport Classic Stripe looks like bandages on the legs. That or a uniform meant for Alcatraz. Jacket looks promising - just wish the hood on the angel wing wasn't so dark. But meh even on that.

Saving so much money lately that it's making me so much pickier with what I do buy because the bank balance keeps going up and the credit card balance is staying at $0. Hard to ruin that ;)

kiwihusky said...

If only the angel wing Back Pack It jacket came with an off-white hood as well...

Anonymous said...

that jacket looks promising. from what I can tell it is more form fitting than the misty jacket. I always thought misty was bulky looking and hated it.

Anonymous said...

I too love Angel Wing - such a pretty off white colour! I agree with kiwihusky in that I wish the jacket was solid Angel Wing and not with the Black hood and accents :(

I'm still wishing for the Angel Wing Scuba Hoodie that the US got last week to arrive here in Canada.