Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HK Spoilers

Bali Breeze Cool Racerback and Power Y

Tranquil Blue Swiftly Tank. I might need this.

Peacock Blue Swiftly SS and Tank. I think I need that tank.

Peacock/Tranquil Stuff Your Bra

Ace Spot Pace Rival Crops (Paired with a heathered gray top - really?)

Heathered Black/Blush Quartz Inspire Crops

Grain Dottie Dash/Ace Spot Top Speed Crops

Ace Spot Cool to Street High Times Pant

Tranquil Blue Ace Spot Block It Speeds

Floral Sport Tranquil Blue Speeds

Grain Dottie Dash and Tranquil Blue Tracker Shorts

Tranquil Ace Spot and Grain Dottie Dash Spring Breakaway Shorts

Bark Chocolate Studio Pants. I might need these.

Dottie Dash Step Lively Crops

Dottie Dash White Wrap It Up Tank

Pizazz headband

Tranquil Splendor Bra

Tranquil Straight Up Singlet

Blush Quartz Palm Party Out and About Tote


Anonymous said...

I don't even get excited by the overseas sneak peeks anymore because I feel like we get so little of it!

LuluAddict said...

We usually get the Swiftlys and other core things. Who knows when we'll get those new tanks styles, though.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Bark Chocolate Studio Pants! Also like the Peacock Blue Short Sleeve Swiftly, I just wish it was either solid or space dye, or that the space dye was on the top portion of the top and the solid was on the bottom, I feel like that combo of darker solid colour bottom/lighter space dye pattern top would be more flattering to bust/waist.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking a lot of that! Though I agree with anonymous 3:32pm, when I get excited about something in another market I usually find it doesn't make it to the US.

Anonymous said...

It took me wayyyyy too long to find both of her upper legs in the Ace Spot Pace Rival Crops...what a mind screw. Who thought that photo was a good one to use?! And I agree -the grey swiftly is wrong wrong wrong! The intern in charge of this needs to put down the peace pipe...