Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grapefruit Wunder Under Crops, Sweaty or Not Jacket, and More

lululemon-grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

lululemon-grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

lululemon grapefruit-wunder-under-crop wild-tank

Black Wild Tank and Reversible Grapefruit Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket super-squad-short

lululemon-sweaty-or-not-jacket super-squad-short
Sweaty or Not Jacket and Super Squad Shorts (photo: Nellius Van Rhys)

lululemon-wrap-it-up-tank bali

lululemon wrap-it-up-tank bali
Bali Breeze Wrap It Up Tank and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants 

Ghost Weave Love Tee and Luxtreme Wunder Under Pants

Iris Flower Space Dye Twist Top Speed Crops and Grapefruit Running in the City Tank

lululemon-cool-to-street bra-crop

lululemon-cool-to-street crop

lululemon-cool-to-street bra-crop-tank

lululemon-cool-to-street free-to-be-crop

lululemon-cool-to-street denim-free-to-be-crop


lululemon-cool-to-street bra-tank-crop


lululemon cool-to-street tank-crop


lululemon cool-to-street
Cool to Street, Bra, and Crop


Starfighter said...

Thanks for the pics! The Love Tee is gorgeous in person too, I might have to pick it up in black.

kiwihusky said...

I really love the Wrap It Up tank in Bali Breeze.. How does it fit for someone with B-C cup?

Anonymous said...

It is quite compressive and bra band is very tight. But the criss cross fabric hides how squished u are. I am B cup and found it compressed. Great for running cuz nothing was going to move

Anonymous said...

Its a compressive tank designed for C-D cups!! You should get great medium to high support from it!

Anonymous said...

Are those see through tanks work out wear or lingerie?