Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All Good Pullover, Daya Knit SS Tee, and More

New All Good Pullover in Tranquil Blue

Daya Knit SS Tee with the Bali Breeze CRB


The new striped All Tied Up Tank and an Alarming All Good Pullover tied around her waist. I'm not sure what shorts she is wearing. I think they're Spring Break Aways. They're Serenity Shorts.

Refresh Maxi Dress


Lululover said...

I just opened my last week lulu order. I got Denim Define, it's denim luon and the color is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

How close in color is the Bali Breeze to Menthol?

Anonymous said...

where did you find the all good pullover? Don't see online :-(

Anonymous said...

Hasn't uploaded yet

Anonymous said...

The All good pullover is all bad. I have a long torso, so the elastized waist would ride up, and it seems much too short. I dont like it when whatever I wear underneath hangs out. It doesn't look neat.