Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Upload! Get it here.


After looking at the cute stuff the foreign sites got, our upload was a bit disappointing. Canada got the Pistachio Cool Racerback, though.  Update - it's gone already! Also shown is a new Net Pop CRB.




The US got three new colors in the Runbeam Hoodie - Lullaby, Texture Twist, and Black. The Lullaby is tempting, though the black is always useful. 



The US got the Wrap It Up Tank. I've heard this can be a little difficult to get on and off, on the order of a Power Y. I ordered the Black version.

lululemon-true-self-crop black-white

lululemon-true-self-crop multi
The US got all four colors in the new True Self Crops. Canada just got the Black and White Bleacher version.

lululemon-true-self-bra black-white

lululemon-true-self-bra grapefruit

lululemon-true-self-multi bra

The US got the Pistachio/Black Swiftly SS. I want to see this in the store.

lululemon-floral-backdrop wunder-udner-crop


The US got the funky new Happy Strappy Long Line Bra.



lululemon-yoga-flow-ls black-cherry

New burnout Yoga Flow LS top. It also comes in White and Black.

lululemon-dancing-warrior bleacher

lululemon-dancing-warrior slate
The US got new colors in the Dancing Warrior. I am really tempted by the Bleacher Stripe one but I still haven't taken the tags off the Jeweled Magenta DW I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I'll wait to see this in the store.

lululemon-liberty-short bleacher

lululemon-liberty-short grapefruit

lululemon-gingham free-to-be-wild-bra

lululemon-gingham free-to-be-wild-bra



lululemon-superb-ss blush-quartz

lululemon-superb-ss denim-blue

lululemon-pleat-to-street-skirt poseidon

The US finally got new colors in the Pleat to Street Skirts.

The US got new colors in the Crossback Tank.


lululemon-om-pant jazzy

lululemon-silver-fox swiftly-ls

Canada got a very pretty Heathered Silver Fox LS Swiftly

Cute Party Om Bag in Floral Backdrop.

lululemon-race-to-win-hat floral-backdrop
The US got the Floral Backdrop Race to Win Hat. This is super tempting to me but I'm waiting to see it in the store.





lululemon-seamlessly-street iris-flower

Just the Wrap It Up tank for me. Did you get anything today?


Lululover said...

I got Floral backdrop Race to win hat that Canada got 3 or 4 weeks ago. I saw all the new bottoms at the store today, was not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me--I just want CRBs on the US side!!

Anonymous said...

Really bummed the wrap it up tank doesn't come in a size2... I guess you can't be petite AND busty. Ugh. Such a curse. And very unfair.

Anonymous said...

How was that boring? I spent a grand?!? Granted, the True Self Crops were ordered in pairs for best bum placement. I usually get screwed if I order only one pair...

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:01 pm - Lol, what did you get?

@ anon 4:55 pm - That is a VERY common complaint at my local stores. Write in to Hey, Lululemon or on their Facebook page. I was just talking to the ed at my store yesterday and she was saying they get a lot of requests for tanks that accommodate C/D busts.

LuluAddict said...

@lululove - I am so tempted to order the hat now but am waiting until I see it in the store so I can pick color placement, if you even can with this print. I have so many hats already and my husband is grumbling that I am filling our coat rack with them. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see the Blue/White Microstripe Refresher Maxi Dress that Canada got a few weeks ago. Has anyone seen it in US stores? (And if so, which one- maybe I can do a charge/send, lol!) I really want the blue!!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the True Self bra in black!

Anonymous said...

I got the True Self crops in the black and white. I ordered the wunder under crops in the iris backdrop, and the yoga flow long sleeve in white. I've been debating on the hazy horizon wu crops and finally caved. But I have to really think about keeping them, hard to justify cuz they aren't that different.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh - WHY can't we have the CRB in bleacher stripe!? I love the print but don't like the funky weave on the True Self crops and can't have the open strappy back of the Dancing Warrior (back fat alert). I'm also a sucker for gingham so that may be my first FTBW.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:25 pm - I'm sure we'll be getting the bleacher stripe CRB.

Sophie said...

I'm bummed the US didn't get the CRBs or denim WUCs, but I still managed to spend way too much LOL. I immediately ordered the seamlessly street crops in heathered iris flower because I love the color and I just need to try that style out to see whether I like it as well as the In the Flows. Also picked up the true self crop in heathered slate, 2 of the true self bras and that pistachio/black swiftly SS! Not sure how any of these things will pan out but, nothing ventured nothing gained...

Anonymous said...

I got the two burn out long sleeves and true self crops to give it a try. Hope I like them...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and pics as always. Thanks for the update on the Pistachio CRB Canada side - I will look for it in stores. Need to see this on in person, may be too bright for me. Plus I have my eye on the grapefruit CRB too. I like the look of the net pop CRB too but may be too poly for me.

As for spending - zero problem here to not buy anything. Not into anything in many months but the CRBs and FTBW bras, but I'm curbing the bra purchasing too. I only need so many versions of those.

Unknown said...

I just got back from my local lulu and did some damage..I did try on the new true self crops in the 2 bleacher versions and even though the bum area is opaque due to the double paneling they should have also used in the front as they are totally sheer I am sorry to say..I made out my light blue/pink thong color right away.
I tried on the Wrap it up tank twice and had to fight it the second time around, LOL but in the end it's super attractive and made the girls look great! I ended up getting the Gator Green version with the (I think Jazzy) print at the bust. I tried the Runbeam Hoodie On in the Lullaby and the new Texture twist print..The Lullaby is at least 1/2 size bigger than the texture twist print so even though I usually buy a 10 in this hoodie I got the Lullaby in the 8, I did not buy the new texture twist. I also bought my first warrior tank in the wee are from space silver spoon. I also grabbed the Om Pant in the floral sport black multi/black..It's on the Canada side but not on the US side even though it's in my local lulu in the US :)
Then I bought the WUP in the floral sport backdrop iris flower multi in luxtreme..totally love this print and I also got the new hat in the floral backdrop..woot woot, what a haul!! These floral prints are killing me, I LOVE THEM!!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I also really love that pistachio/black s/s swiftly. I'll check that one in store too.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the White Define Jacket and the Heathered Silver Fox Long Sleeve Swiftly top. Silver Fox is a really pretty colour and a nice basic colour to have. I have the Silver Fox In Flux Jacket and the Silver Fox/White Classic Stripe Vinyasa Scarf and they're both very pretty and go with everything, I love them both :)

I'm hoping we'll see that new Black/White pattern Define Jacket that the UK/HK got uploaded to the Canadian site soon - it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Been waiting for jazzy gator on pants...but I'm in the US. ����

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the Pace Rival crops? I was looking for those and the grapefruit crb!

Anonymous said...

I got the akido stripe Vinyasa scarf. I think the pattern will work well in warmer weather.
Would love to see more of that gingham pattern and more colors and styles of the Refresh Maxi pleeease!!!
For the previous commenter, the blue and white striped version is Inkwell Hyperstripe and was released in the US in April...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if the in flux crops will be coming back in stores anytime soon? I missed out and am dying to get a pair.

Chezhire71 said...

Just the Gingham FTBW tonight. I wear these bras everyday, beneath streetwear most days, too, so this was an easy buy for me.

Thinking about the Wrap it Up tank in solid black, just because I know it will look so flattering and classy on, and because I've only got one solid black Lulu top right now.
May go back for the Runbeam, though now after reading the above comments I"m unsure what size to order. I'm usually a solid size 4, so...?

Patiently waiting on CRB in Pistachio + the L/S Swiftly in Heathered Silver Fox. I'd like those cool grey loose fitting shorts shown in a few of the new bag pics, too, which Canada got a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

@lulu - Thank you so much for the fit info on the Runbeam! I had already ordered lullaby in a 10, but went back and ordered the 8, just in case.

Crystal said...

I have a pair of the Jacquard Roll Down Groove Shorts in my cart but I think I'm going to go check out my local Lulu store and Lulu outlet tomorrow to see if there are some can't miss deals there instead. From the past few UK and HK uploads it looks like there will be some pretty great prints coming out in speeds and in CRBs coming our way...so on the other hand maybe I should just hold off and save my moolah this week. I definitely want the bleacher stripe CRB that was uploaded (or getting uploaded) to one of the foreign markets and the confetti cake speeds!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:24 pm - the US didn't get the Pace Rival crops yet.

Anonymous said...

99% sure I saw it at the Brentwood, CA store yesterday. It was definitely a blue stripe.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:10 pm - My store in Newport Beach had a blue striped maxi dress on Monday. They also had the fat black and white striped one.

Anonymous said...

LLA - do you think Canada will get the city summer dress? Do those foreign site items usually make there way to North America? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is Anon 5:01! I got the True Self Crops in both monochrome and colored stripes (no store near, so need to see which will be better and used more often... thinking monochrome); Dancing Warrior Tank in colored Bleacher Stripe (so cute); Wrap It Up Tank in Black and Grapefruit (wish I had a store nearby to choose - worried about pasty skin + Grapefruit - Black would be so cute with my Future Varsity Skirt or Get It On Skirt); Vinyasa in stripe (will be my first - want a very versatile neutral to wear or use as a cozy pillow blanking when needed); Party Om Bag in Floral Backdrop (sooo want Speeds or Hit Your Stride Skirt in this print); Floral Backdrop WUCs (gotta check out - not sure if needed); Poseidon Pleat to Street (yeah); Ready or Not Headband in Bleacher Stripe; and True Self Bra in monochrome Bleacher Stripe.

As you can see, I would've had an armload in the dressing room. Usually I can narrow it down online before pulling the trigger, but I figured. Heck! I'm already sending back whichever of the TS crops don't work for me, so my $5 is gone. Might as well load up and "try on" the rest. 😉

I'm anxiously awaiting more Floral Backdrop. Would LOVE a FTBW with that print and 4 different strap colors popping the back! Want list is the new blue Refresh Maxi and that black City Summer dress (not remembering exact name). Gosh I wish I were on the design team!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:01 - very nice selection. I totally missed the Ready or Not headband but now that I've seen it I've got to order one! I'm so glad I asked you what you ordered, lol.

Anonymous said...

I have not bought any lululemon since April (long time for me!). This upload I bought the seamlessly street crop in heathered iris flower. I have been waiting and waiting for colourful in the flow crops. However, after buying in the flow crops, I decided I don't really find the length that flattering. So I was excited to see these seamlessly street crops in a nice fun colour b/c I am a fan of the material/fit of the in the flows.

I also bought "cantelope" roll down boogie shorts - I already know these may be going back though, we will see about the fit. I tried the regular boogie short on in store once in "coral" and found like they made me look like a stuffed sausage. They were also slightly see through despite wearing nude underwear - could see the tag through the material even when I sized up. Perhaps the higher waist will be more flattering, and this batch of colour less sheer. Here's to hoping!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01 again! That was a nice surprise - Ready or Not Headband! If I really reeeally like it, I'll get it in black, too. What a neat design! It would be sooo cute with hair down in a summery do and for working out! Fingers crossed that it doesn't slip!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the people who left me comments on where to find the blue microstripe refresh maxi! I was able to do a charge/send from the Brentwood store this morning. SO EXCITED!!