Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Upload! Get it here. Pics and comments to follow.

lululemon-cool-racerback pistachio

lululemon-cool-racerback grapefruit

lululemon-cool-racerback crosscourt petal
The US got a bunch of new Cool Racerbacks today. I ordered the Pistachio and Grapefruit. Not sure whether I'll keep them but my store did not have them this weekend. The Pistachio CRB is nearly gone.



lululemon-what-the-sport-bra jazzy-white

lululemon what-the-sport-bra
The US also got a bunch of new colors in the Stuff Your Bra. I really like the top one a lot. 

lululemon-swiftly-ss dashing-purple

lululemon-blue-denim-swiftly ss
New Swiftlys in Heathered Blue Denim (I'm not sure that is new) and Dashing Purple. The Dashing Purple reminds me of a tank I bought at the first Sea Wheeze. I swear the color code for that was DAPU and it was a dark plum tonka stripe, too.



The US got new colors in the What the Sport SS and Mesh What the Sport. I ordered the Blush Quartz Mesh What the Sport.


lululemon gator-studio-pant

Gator Green Street to Studio and Dance Studio Pants were uploaded. I ordered the DSPs.

lululemon-high-times palm

lululemon-on-the-daily grapefruit
lululemon-free-to-be-wild bali

The US finally got its first pair of Pace Rival crops in black. I hope this is coming to stores since I'm dying to try them on.


lululemon-inspire space-dye-twist
The US got the Iris Flower Space Dye Twist Inspire Crops.

lululemon-wunder-under-crop palm-party


There is a new Tranquil Blue Swiftly LS. The US got the Pistachio, too.


Pretty Purple Training Tough Tank. This tank really looks like it needs to be on a bustier woman.




lululemon-spring-break-away pistachio
Pistachio Spring Break Away Short




lululemon-all-sport space-dye-twist


Canada got the To and Flow Wrap


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Canada got the Iris Flower Superb LS



Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

Where are the denim colored WUCs on US side???

Lululover said...

Omg I just spent a boat load of money !! :( I got In The Flow in Iris (finally!) , Boogie shorts in Grapefruit, CRB Grapefruit, WUC in Gator Palm Party.

OttawaLuluLover said...

Wow.. one of the most disappointing uploads for Canada that I have ever seen. Where's all the stuff that the UK & HK got weeks ago?? A bunch of stuff that was released in the US last week never made it here either.. BOOOOOO!

Chezhire71 said...

Gator Green Studios in Sz 2 for me!
Sooo excited!

Anonymous said...

Just the gator green Studio II's for me. I'm soooo tempted by the new Defines and the new black 'sup hat though.

Anonymous said...

I had initially planned on getting the Grapefruit CRBs, but today my Grapefruit Power Y arrived and I was surprised at how bright the color is! I'll return it. So I might go get the Pistachio...better hurry I guess!

Anonymous said...

Are those white speeds on the model with the what the sport shirt??? love!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:59 pm - I know. The stores in the US have them.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:50 pm - with the Jeweled Magenta WTS? Those are white Trackers. They were uploaded a few weeks ago.

Sophie said...

I've been waiting so long for those pace rival crops, I was a bit deflated to see them only pop up in black, but I ordered them anyway! LOL. Actually I could use another pair of black crops so I figured I'd try them out. I also got the striped/flash stuff your bra - what a nice surprise! Plus the Iris Flower Energy Bra which I thought the US wasn't going to get and I'm kind of obsessed with ;-) I'm still so tempted by that Tranquil Blue LS and the Blush Quartz Mesh WTS SS. May end up going back for those as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow! smallest upload for Canada I think I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I got the grapefruit speeds, l/s swiftly in tranquil blue (beautiful color in person), iris flower energy bra, grapefruit CRB and the peacock mula bikini. The pistachio CRB was wickedly ripped out of my cart b4 I could finish the purchase.

I'm waiting on the palm party gator green pace rivals to hit the US. I really like the mesh placement. To be honest, I have gotten rid of almost all my inspires. I much prefer the mesh behind the knee. I'm pretty sure the pace rival has that. Much more comfortable, whether I'm running or not...particularly when it's full lux.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Stuff Your Bra say final sale in my cart???

Anonymous said...

About the final sale comment, on my laptop it clearly said returns are free about 15 minutes after I was online on my phone. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Just the Tranquil Swiftly LS for me. I thought about the Pistachio CRB, but it was gone before I made up my mind to try it out.

What is up with the "come hither" expression on some of the models? And the unnatural poses? It is not speaking to me at all.

Deb said...

My Gator DSPs arrived today - I'm wearing them now. Love them! They're a great colour, just a touch lighter than the CRB (also very nice).

I ordered the Grapefruit CRB and the LS Superb tee in Iris Flower. I was hoping for either an Energy or All Sports bra in Gator but no luck yet. I don't like SYBs, so that's out.

I also have my eye on the All Time jacket from Oz and the UK; if we get that in Gator Green my eyes will roll back in my head in bliss!

Jessie said...

Whatt the pistachio crb sold out by 7:30 central time? :( fingers crossed it is in stores

Anonymous said...

I haven't caved to my addiction in SO long (like, months)...but the Running in the City Tank is calling my name. If it gets good reviews I might bite the bullet (but when did bra tanks get raised to $62!?)...

Anonymous said...

if you thought the grapefruit power Y was bright wait until you see the pistachio - like road sign bright -- I have mine but not sure if /what to wear with it - i am not liking neony colours...very cheap looking.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:40 pm - That is what I am afraid of but I knew it would sell out quickly and figured out it was better to buy now and think later.

Chezhire71 said...

@6:40 p.m., agreed re: the solid Pistachio CRB looking so neon. Not into the neons at all, and I was so sure I wanted this one when I first saw the pics of it. Ordered this green for myself in the Swiftly Tech Racerback, Heathered Pistachio. Hoping I like it better.

Anonymous said...

Re bras: on computer it says free returns. On a phone it says final sale. = Annoying.

Anonymous said...

I got the What the Sport Tee in Mesh black and the Baller Hat Straw in black. So in love and so excited!!! The tee shirt fits awesome!

Anonymous said...

All these colors and patterns are all over the place. And the high neck lines in the summer are not for me. Another week and nothing for me. :(

Anonymous said...

The only reason I wanted the pistachio CRB is because it's Seahawks green. :)

Rise and Shine said...

Biggest upload for me in over a year! Gator Green DSPs, Tranquil Blue LS Swiftly, Pistachio LS Swiftly (I skate, so I pretty much can always use long sleeve tops), and All You Need Duffel in Floral Backdrop. I also picked up the FTBW bra in Pretty Purple. Some of this may go back, because this was a big haul for me, but I wanted to at least see it in person before making a decision.

Also, yes, the models. It's not working in Lulu's favor. The pictures that make me want to work out (and want to buy fun, cute, flattering, new workout clothes) are the sporty, ambassador photos. To me, Lulu should be about feminine STRENGTH, not sex appeal. Strong IS sexy. No need to put VS style facial expressions on the models. Show me strong, confident women and I will buy.

Anonymous said...

The space dye twist iris flower color is more expensive than other colors for the same item. Like for the Inspire Crop is $96 for iris flower but $86 for other colors. Anyone know why?

Lululover said...

Anon 6:40: thanks for the insight! I missed it somehow and then it got sold out in my size. But If its that bright then I don't need it. I returned Clear Mint bc of the same problem

Anonymous said...

I like the skirt, but I don't like the print, and I most certainly do not want white! I had to wear white uniforms in nursing school and for my first 10 months working on a medical floor (which was a total nightmare! People were so sick!) Luckily, I was able to ditch that for the operating room where I still work today. I never buy white pants or white skirts because of that, lol! The color white just screams to me "nurse's uniform"! (Which also is the dumbest color for any nurse to be wearing at work!!!) #bodyfluids! #grossstains!

Anonymous said...

Did they only produce 100 pistachio crbs? I find it really hard to believe that color is that popular given how bright it is and that it sold out in just a few hours. It's not for me as it is too bright. I ordered bali breeze last year and returned that because it just didn't work for me. LLA do you know if they make the same amount of each crb or do they look at a color and think oh they'll go wild for this let's only make 100 instead of 1000 to make it rare? I am always amazed at the colors that sell out so quickly while others that seem so much prettier (IMO) just sit there forever! To me grapefruit and gator green are so much prettier.

My gator green crb came yesterday and from what I was reading here and on FB I thought it would have been a little thicker like my angel blue one which is the thickest crb I own. I own about 20 so not nearly as many as some of you gals!

Anonymous said...

re: @anon 9:18PM, second paragraph

YES, YES, YES, I could NOT agree with you more! I literally keep a handful of old Athleta catalogs around the house so that anytime I'm feeling blah about working out, I have some fitspiration ready and waiting. I wish LLL understood this, about strength and fitness being sexy.

Anonymous said...

They charge $10 more for prints and roll down waist items. In my opinion it's pretty annoying/stupid.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Completely agree with you both!!

Anonymous said...

so our stores (US) have the purple tracker shorts in and i was so excited to grab them today, sadly it appears they didn't make a 12 - i could size down, but like the extra room in my shorts...do you think these will be available online in the US soon!!

Anonymous said...

What's the name of the pants she's wearing in the Running in the City tank photo???


Anonymous said...

Sorry but Jenn the former Lululemon model's site is Smile With Your Heart. I mistakenly said it was Smile in Your Heart. I wish they would bring her back!