Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spotted in Stores - Size 12 Surf Shorts

A friend of mine spotted size twelve Surf Shorts in her Ontario lululemon store. It's very weird that these two prints were uploaded to Canada but the on line store only carries them to size ten. She said the Lullaby and Black and White stripe Surf Shorts also came in a 12. Size 12 ladies, keep an eye out in your local stores for these shorts. It's nice they made the twelve this year but it would have been even better if the on-line store had them, too. (Thanks to Ms. E. for the photos.)


Anonymous said...

I would also be so grateful to hear of any US sightings of the Poseidon Run Times shorts. Where are they!?

Anonymous said...

Usually a sticker with the price on the hang tag means it was an online return to the store?

LuluAddict said...

Or a reprice. But if you go to the website, you cannot order a 12 in the Surf Shorts in either the US or Canada.

Anonymous said...

Those shorts are cheeky, I have a pair in a size 4. I am really petite and slim also have narrow hips.
I am trying to figure out how someone size 12 is going to get away with those shorts.