Monday, June 22, 2015

NEW! Training Tough Crops, New Stuff Your Bras in US Stores, and More

lululemon-stuff-your-bra gator
lululemon-stuff-your-bra training-tough-crop
The Stuff Your Bras are in US stores now. Shown with new Gator Palm Party Training Tough Crops.

lululemon-what-the-sport training-tough-crop

lululemon-what-the-sport training-tough-crop

The new Training Tough crops. I much prefer more opaque mesh. Shown with the Jeweled Magenta What the Sport SS top.


More of the Training Tough Crops.


lululemon-what-the-sport jeweled-magenta


Black Training Tough Crops


lululemon-net-pop-define pretty-purple-tracker
The Net Pop Define is in the US. Pretty Purple Tracker Short.

lululemon-silver-fox-high-times all-tied-up-tank

lululemon-silver-fox-high-times all-tied-up-tank

lululemon-silver-fox-high-times all-tied-up-tank

lululemon silver-fox-high-times all-tied-up-tank

lululemon-speed-short texture-gray

lululemon-speed-short texture-gray

lululemon-pistachio-swiftly-ls texture-gray-speed
Pistachio LS Swiftly and Textured Printed Gray Deep Coal Speed Shorts

Tranquil Blue Swiftly SS and Textured Gray Speed Short


Blush Quartz Banana Leaf print Straight Up Bra

lululemon-girlfriend-tee palm-party-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-girlfriend-tee palm-party-wunder-under-pant

lululemon-girlfriend-tee palm-party-wunder-under-pant



Jeweled Magenta What the Sport SS and Slate Dottie Dash High Times. Shown with Run All Day Backpack.


New colors of the Seamlessly Street Crops have hit US stores.

color-comparison grapefruit-electric-coral
Reader, Ms. B., sent in (thanks!)  a comparison of Grapefruit (on top) and Electric Coral (on the bottom). 


Anonymous said...

Training tough crops - just wear shorts. :)

Anonymous said...

The Straight Up bra is cute and that is all.

They can keep cranking out all the overtly mesh items they want, I'm never going to buy them. It has zero appeal to me. On the bright side, far less money spent on LLL for me.

Anonymous said...

P.S. the speed shorts are appealing but I won't buy those either as sweat will show.

Sophie said...

Wow I went to my nearest store yesterday and they had none of this! I couldn't agree more with you about the opaque mesh. Would make those tights so much more tasteful IMO. I'm curious to see those seamlessly street tights modeled. The black ones disappeared so fast off the website a few weeks ago I never had a shot at them!

Anonymous said...

There are thousands and thousands of posts on heylululemon and none of them seem to be acknowledged (exception of the stuff your bra) it's like they wanted people to vent and channel their shopping fustrations and it not affect the reviews of their items.

I have not been excited in a while.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the mesh already.

And wow, TOTAL bummer about the lack of butt lifting stripe alignment on the High Times Cyber Stripe Pants. The High Times Cyber Stripe *Zips had perfect booty lifting stripe alignment, similar to the famous Quiet Stripe WUCs and Coal Strata Stripe WUC/WUP. What a disappointment and QC fail :(.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lulu. Now it is officially confirmed that you are no longer trying. Hot selling pants doesn't mean that we give you permission to give up on stripe alignment. I'm not paying $98 for a P.O.S.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:21 am - great point! Hey, lululemon is a good diversion from from the e-commerce store.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I kind of like right now is that Blush Quartz print bra. But I need a new bra like I need a hole in the head!! If they come with a top in that print, I'd buy it. Otherwise, everything else is fugly right now!

Karin said...

I'm not a mesh pants type of gal, but at least what lulu has put out in the past seemed to be pretty nice if you like mesh. The training tough crops are IMHO awful! It's like panty hose in the mesh part. ICK!

The ombre seamlessly street crops are super cute. I may stop by my store tonight and see if they have them.

I've been branching out from lulu lately as they just aren't selling what I want to be buying. I used to buy most of the CRBs that they put out but with 4 different shades of pink, black, white, and prints. I'm just not interested.

I recently purchased an Under Armour City Hopper tank and really love it. I love the general fit of the CRBs but I always have cleavage showing and I hate that. These City Hopper tanks are awesome, though the colors aren't the most compelling.

Amanda said...

Do you think the cyber stripe high times will be uploaded to US tonight?

dogrunner said...

Just bought a stuff your bra and I love it. I do find the phone hurts my chest a little. I have an iPhone 5c and a small chest 32b/c. I have to really "position" my self around the phone in just the right way. I usually run right from my front door so I don't need pockets but today I ran a trail and tucked my key and phone inside the bra. No spi belt or arm band needed. It was awesome albeit a little lumpy.