Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Wanderlust Photos

lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank diversity-bag-highest-times-pant shala-bra
The Soho store posted that they still have Wanderlust items and will mail if you call. Shown above is the Shala Bra, Deep Coal Diversity Bag, Iris Flower Highest Times Pant, Nook Tank, and towel.


lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank

lululemon-wanderlust nook-tank
Nook Tank (from Ebay)

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag


lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag inside

lululemon wanderlust diversity-bag

lululemon wanderlustdiversity-bag


lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag

lululemon-wanderlust diversity-bag
Lots of detail photos of the print Diversity Bag (also on eBay).

lululemon-wanderlust casbah-kimono
I posted this in my previous Wanderlust post but if you didn't see it, it's the Kimono in the dark print.

lululemon-wanderlust shala-bra
Dark print Shala bra.


Unknown said...

I was just successful grabbing a black wanderlust bag and a print one..2 different stores..wasn't sure I'd be able to find the print bag so when I had the option to grab the black, I did..I was on my second to last store..all NYC stores out except for a handful of tanks..the 2 Boston stores had some stuff left..I also wanted the Highest of Times in the go..I had the option to get the navy but to me they just look regular cuz the symbol is on the back waistband..Kind of feel the black bag is nothing special either so I may return once I receive but I was so excited to get the print bag!

Unknown said...

OT but I got an answer from Kaitlin about the Run Inspire Crops..This is what I asked: .Is it true that the Pace Rival Crop is replacing the Run Inspire Crop?

Her reply:Hey lululexie,
Replace seems too heavy of a word for this... Perhaps, rival? So here's the thing, yes, you'll be seeing more Pace Rival Crops in store. We're loving this design, as it's a much needed update for our run crops. That said, before anyone gets scared, the Run: Inspire Crop II will still be available, but only online. Hope this clears things up.

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - thanks for getting the scoop on the Inspire crops.

ACP said...

If you are interested in selling one of the bags, please let me know! Called the soho store and they are sold out of everything. The Boston store isn't taking phone orders.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty items - the bag and dark print shala bra, in particular. However, I'm over it. Not into pursuing any of these items/refuse to play this game. It just annoys me that LLL continues to make unappealing and lackluster items for regular retail. My wallet is happy though. I guess LLL feels it's a win to get less and less of my disposable income.

Anonymous said...

argh, that sucks about the inspires -- seems like LLL is bound and determined to keep phasing out all the items I like!

Anonymous said...

Wanderlust stuff does not appeal to me this time.

I'm typically a bit resistant to change in basics I like (I'm a pretty "basics" driven lulu addict), but I'm ok with a number of updates lulu has been making. I used to only have inspires, WUP and WUC. Now I have a much greater variety of bottoms to choose from in my closet and I really like them. I like the update to the 105 singlet despite the fact I have a vast collection of 105 singlets. I actually prefer the simpler, cleaner styling of the What The Sport Singlet. I understand the need to drop and replace the Pace Setter Skirt...altho they need to make all key skirt styles in talls.

I do not like that the CRB does not come in all the key seasonal colors as a solid. That sucks the big one. Also Energy Bra has become a snore.

Lulu is stepping out and taking more some, lose some. Hopefully they'll win more than they'll lose. But they have to do it to stay in the game. I was scared for a while, but I'm regaining my confidence.