Monday, June 1, 2015

More Runbeam Hoodie Photos

lululemon-runbeam-hoodie high times

lululemon-runbeam-hoodie high-times

More Runbeam Hoodie Photos. Shown with the Ace Dot Straight Up Bra, and Cyber Stripe High Times Pant.


Unknown said...

I just bought the Runbeam tonight in both colors...There is a floral sport and toothpaste. I am all over the map in sizes at Lulu for Tops and the week-end LS I wear an 8 but have some in 10's , I do swiftly LS and SS in 10's even though 8's fit snug but I like more room and most tanks in an 8..The In Flux Jacket I prefer the 12 even though the 10 fits..I bought the Runbeam in 10. I just love the print!!
I also bought the seamlessly street crop in gator green which looks amazing with the floral sport Runbeam!
I also bought the inspiration tank in the crosscourt pedal print and the lullaby ..very comfy tank but not hugely supportive..I don't think you could run in it if you have a bigger chest..I am a 34 C

Anonymous said...

Are these runbeams in US and/or Canada?

LuluAddict said...

The Toothpaste and floral print are in the US. I know Canada got a solid Lullaby one.

Anonymous said...

Canada didn't get the solid Lullaby Runbeam, unless you meant in stores but we didn't get it online. The only solid Lullaby that we got was In the Flux Jacket. I'm desperately waiting for the Lullaby Runbeam :)

LuluAddict said...

Right - it was spotted in stores so I'm hoping it will get uploaded. My store did not have it today.