Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mail Day: Wanderlust Diversity Bag

My sister in law was able to snag me the last print Wanderlust Diversity bag from one of the Boston lululemon stores this weekend and I got it in the mail today. I totally love it.  Here are a ton of photos for you:

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag front zipper
 Front zipper with tassel pull.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag front zipper
Front zipper pocket has several slot pockets for cards and pens. It's pretty roomy so if your wallet isn't too huge you can fit it in here, too.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back zipper
Back view - there is a hidden phone pocket under the navy trim.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back-zipper
External back phone pocket.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag back zipper
Phone pocket with an iPhone 6.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag side view
Side view.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag bottom
Bottom view.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag tag
Hang tag.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside
Interior view - empty.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside
It's large enough to hold a full size iPad.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag inside mini ipad
The tag says the interior slot pocket is for a journal but it's also perfect for an iPad mini. You can see the mesh water bottle pocket on the left. In front of the slot pocket is a mesh zipper pocket, inside is the wet pouch.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  wet bag
The wet pouch. 

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  wet bag

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  lining

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag lining
The interior pouch and lining have a funky version of the manifesto on it.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  loop
I'm not sure what these little saying loops are for in the bags but I use it to hook my carabiner key ring to them.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag -hardware

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag  hardware
The hardware is all rose gold and fully labeled/logoed. The shoulder strap has a pad and is detachable.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Empty Wanderlust Diversity bag compared to the Go Lightly (left) and Festival bags (right).

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Front views, stuffed.

Side views.

lululemon-wanderlust-diversity-bag go-lightly-festival
Back views.

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag mantra-tote

lululemon wanderlust-diversity-bag mantra-tote
 Compared to a Mantra Tote.


Anonymous said...

LLA, totally green over your Wanderlust score but also very happy for you as the bag has found a worthy home!

Anonymous said...

That bag is really the only Wanderlust item this year that I like. The pattern is too much for me but in a bag it is simply divine! Way to score it! Wish I knew how to get one without being scalped.

Soleil said...

+ 1 on anonymous comment

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bag! I'm glad you managed to get one.

Anonymous said...

I love the size of that bag. I got the Casbah Kimono (dark) from the Meat Market store. It's really nice--silky-feeling, but a Lulu-technical silk There's something in the fabric that feels a touch stretchy. I really like it.

Unknown said...

I just received my wanderlust bag..I got the same one as you LLA and I just love it so much !! I pulled the tag off and transferred my wallet and other essentials over to it today and started carrying this fabulous bag!! I lucked out that I snagged one of the last few in Boston and talked them into doing a send sale :)

Deezee007 said...

That's a killer bag!

Anonymous said...

Why on earth don't they concentrate on and make more things like this that people are actually coveting over and buying? Enough with the lousy swim suits and mesh!!!

LuluAddict said...

Lol, lulu - lucky you on the send sale. I love the bag, too. It took a lot of willpower not to detag the bag today but I did take the tags off the dark kimono and wore it.

@anon 6:54 pm - I think Potdevin likes to make money so I think we might be seeing more exclusive things make their way to the masses. Saving the best designs and prints for a select few doesn't make a ton of sense. I've heard a rumor the Wanderlust stuff is going to be available on the website. This is totally unsubstantiated but it would make great business sense. Also, I'm pretty sure last year's Wanderlust designer, Brenda Holmes, is the same Brenda who designed the cute new True Self Bra and Crop. And, now that I think about it, maybe even the Ready or Not headband, since that seems her style, too.

Alejandra said...

LLA are you considering not keeping it for some reason (since you didn't detag it)?? If you decide not to keep it would you consider selling it? I tried so hard to find one with no luck. :-(

Unknown said...

@Alejandra, I believe she takes pics with the tags on in order to inform us readers, else she'd most likely be bombarded with additional emails etc regarding details of the bag, i.e. price, material specifics, etc.

@LLA, I'm totally green with envy that you got this bag. I'm happy that the black/white pattern seems to be coming in other items as I'm now coveting those tights/pants that was uploaded on the UK site. Not sure my body type can pull off that print, but I haven't been motivated to buy anything for awhile since most items seem to be similar to what I already own. THANK YOU for the side by side bag comparison so now I know exactly the size. It's just right, anything bigger like the Bliss Bag would have been a nightmare to be able to find things inside.

LuluAddict said...

@Alejandra - The Denver area stores have the Wanderlust stuff- Cherry Creek, Apsen, etc. Try calling them since I hear they are doing phone orders.