Monday, June 15, 2015

Gator CRB in the US!, Naval Blue Dancing Warrior, New Product, and More

lululemon-dancing-warrior naval-blue grapefruit-liberty

lululemon-dancing-warrior naval-blue-grapefruit-liberty

lululemon dancing-warrior naval-blue grapefruit-liberty
New Heathered Naval Blue Dancing Warrior and matching Grapefruit Liberty Short. There are also Heathered Naval Blue Wunder Under Crops in the stores now. I'll post a photo when I run across it. These are from a US lululemon store.

lululemon-space-dye-twist iris-flower inspire-tight

lululemon-space-dye-twist iris-flower inspire-tight
The Iris Flower Apex Stripe Inspire Tights have hit the US.

lululemon-confetti spring-break-away-short

lululemon-confetti spring-break-away-short

lululemon-confetti spring-break-away-short
Confetti Spring Break Away Short and Vitasea All Tied Up Tank

The Mini Akido Stripe Vinyasa

lululemon-runbeam lullaby
Lullaby Runbeam and Bleacher Stripe Inspire Crops

Some nice Pilates action photos here: Pistachio Swiftly Tank and Gator Palm Party Wunder Under Pant



Run for Gold Tank and True Self Crop

New version of Bleacher Stripe in the Flow Y. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

lululemon-iris-flower pace-rival
Iris Flower Pace Rival Crops (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

New Define jackets in Net Pop and Floral Sport print. (Thanks to Ms. R.)

The What the Sport shirts have hit Canada (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).

New Split Second Short (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).

The Sun Shower Jacket, $158. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

lululemon-pleat-to-street floral backdrop
Floral Backdrop Pleat to Street Skirt (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).

So many great colors in the men's Metal Vent Tech lately: Bordeaux Drama Metal Vent Tech and Light Kahuna Shorts

I am also reading that the Gator CRB has made it to US stores so keep an eye out for that.


Sophie said...

Want to see more of those Iris Flower Pace Rival Crops! Hope we get those in the US. The previous pics of the Palm Party Gator Green pace rivals looked nice too.

Anonymous said...

I do not need another skirt but that floral backdrop print is gorgeous! I hope it comes in shorts.

Anonymous said...

LLA -- Do you know whether the side pocket(s) (are there two?) of the Pace Rival crops are deep enough to hold an iPhone 6 without fearing it will fall out? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my jeebus! I gotta have the floral pleat to street skirt. I visited Vancouver in April and was excited to hit up all the lulu stores. I went to 3 stores and the "special" lab store, and I was disappointed. I had expected to see some stock of items/colors not available in the the U.S. But everything was exactly what we had at the time in Los Angeles. Do you know if this is a U.S. Store that has the skirt?

Lululover said...

Any chance Gator Palm Party WUC are coming?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:00 pm - I am curious about that, too. I am hoping we'll see the crops in the US soon and I can test it out.

@ anon 3:28 pm - You would hope we're going to see them. It's such a great color.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo the Flow Y would be a great way to get a small dose of the Bleacher Stripe without a large piece that I'd get sick of - hope to see it soon!

Sheila said...

Is the All Tied Up Tank new? In Canada at all? Also any idea what happened to all the swim tops online in Canada? Seem to sell out overnight!