Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Comparison: Seamlessly Street to In the Flow Crops

lululemon in-the-flow-crop seamlessly-street-crop
Front  views- Seamlessly Street (left) and In the Flow Crop (right)

lululemon-in-the-flow-crop seamlessly-street-crop
Back views of both crops.

Comparison of the Seamlessly Street crops, in Gator Green on the left, and In the Flow crops, on the right. Even though they are listed with the same inseam, the In the Flows ride a bit shorter when on. I also think the In the Flows might have a touch shorter rise, too.
With top of waistbands lined up.

lululemon in-the-flow-crop seamlessly-street-crop comparison
With crotch lined up.
lululemon seamlessly-street-in-the-flow

lululemon seamlessly-street-crop
Seamlessly Street Crop
lululemon in-the-flow-crop
In the Flow Crop
Web model photos of the two styles, using the same model.

I still haven't decided whether or not to return the Gator Seamlessly Streets for the In the Flow version. Anyone have both and prefer one over the other?


Beth said...

I have multiple pairs of In the Flows, but only b/c that's what I bought first, and one pair of the Streets in a light gray. But that's just because that was the only color available. I like the Streets, but I wear my in the flows much more. That could just be due to the colors I have them in though. I think between the two, I'd wear the streets more around town than the in the flows, but... I definitely like the "rouching" effect of the in the flows. In general the in the flows seem a bit more form fitted if that's a consideration. I guess it would depend on you. Good luck making your decision, I hope I helped a tiny bit, though I'm also sorry if I've been as helpful as mud!

LuluAddict said...

I do like the shorter length on the In The Flows. I need to do a back to back try on of both and then make up my mind.

Anonymous said...

In the flows are much cuter in my opinion. Like it's not even close for me.

Sophie said...

Thanks for the comparison. I'm no help at all to you because they both look good to me. I saw the SS in store today and they were really cute but I just wasn't in the mood to try anything on. I only have 1 pair of the Flows and I just got them (regal plum) and love them. I definitely want more seamless pairs but like you, I can't decide! I can't even decide if I like Gator Green or the old heathered fatigue green Flows still available online. Different enough to get both, perhaps, but with limited funds I'd rather just pick one. Curious to hear what your final decision is!

Anonymous said...

I have muscular calves and find the flows more forgiving. The band on the bottom of the streets dug into my calves

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:54 pm - that is a good point about the fit on the calves.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the in the flows... but they could make an improvement: move the darn logo to the waistband. :)

Anonymous said...

I have both and I like the SS better. The rise is more comfortable and I like that they come to just below the knee. I use them for weight training and plyo.