Monday, June 29, 2015

Breezy Tank, Bali Breeze Wrap It Up Tank, Sweaty or Not Jacket, and More

lululemon-breezy-tank speed short

lululemon-breezy-tank speed-short

lululemon-breezy-tank energy bra

lululemon-breezy-tank-speed short

lululemon-speed short
Breezy Singlet, Iris Flower Energy Bra, and the new Sunset Stripe Speed Shorts. (Photo: Alex CD)

New Wrap It Up Tanks in Bali Breeze. This is from a Vancouver store. (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.)  I ended up returning the Wrap It Up I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It's really pretty but I showed too much cleavage in it.

New print in the Out and About Tote (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

lululemon-sweaty-or-not jacket
Sweaty or Not Jacket, $108.  (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

lululemon-sweaty-or-not tank
Sunset Stripe Sweaty or Not Tank, made of luxtreme.  (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

Hot Times Long Sleeve, $78.  (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

lululemon-sweaty-or-not crop
Sweaty or Not Crops, $98 for the print. (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

lululemon-sweaty-or-not bra
Sweaty or Not Bra, $58. (Thanks to Ms. R. for her photos.) 

lululemon-pace-rival-crop wee-space running-in-the-city-tank

lululemon-pace-rival-crop wee-space running-in-the-city-tank
Grapefruit Running in the City Tank and Pace Rival Crops. I tried on the tank this weekend but it only went to a ten and it was really snug on me. I thought I'd have to call someone to help me get it off.


lululemon-in-the-flow-wrap black

lululemon-in-the-flow-wrap black

lululemon-in-the-flow-wrap black
To and Flow Wrap in Iris Flower, White, and Black. I love the fabric on this but the fit is very odd - the cuffs are snug and the rest is a tent with dolman sleeves, which I hate. The price also seems high at $128.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I thought wild tank was being discontinued. I like the floral sport colour of the bag better than the tops they have with the white dot overlay. Makes it busy and it seems purple is richer in bag than tops.

Anonymous said...

hey, I was wondering if the Wrap It Up tanks were ever uploaded in Canada? Cause I haven't seen them online or in stores! crossing my fingers they upload them this week.

Anonymous said...

purple one was in ontario stores on weekend ----

Anonymous said...

I just love the look of Grapefruit in these photos, but I find it so neon orange IRL. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to get on board with the Sunset Stripe pattern. Looks like a screen print job gone wrong to me for some reason. I like the pink color in it...just can't get past the look of this pattern for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is off topic but I'm just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the heylululemon website or is it just me?

Unknown said...

Bought the wee space pace rival crops today and found them to be the most comfy of the 3 colors out (black were a close second but the wee space were much more flattering). Also snagged the iris flower energy bra..tried the sweaty or not bra and found it to be super compressive in my TTS..would be great for running but too compressive for me :)...The sweaty or not tank did not fit well in my TTS it gaped in the back in a funky way.
My store had the Step lively crop but I didn't try them on..They also had the Gator Green Street to Studio pant which I bought :)

Anonymous said...

I swear the website is a fake!!! I can't vote or message or read comments! But what's the point anyway they don't read those comments anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anon @6:03pm: Yes, I keep getting a warning message. I just click on through and was able to get to the

Anonymous said...

The Sweaty or Not jackets look like the mesh side only version of the Find Your Bliss jacket.

Anonymous said...

I also found the Running in the City extremely tight in the shoulders/bust in my usual size, yet there was a lot of extra fabric in the torso once I was able to get the thing on. It was really hard to put on/take off. I didn't feel like wrestling with my size up to try. It does look cute in a lot of the pics, though.

OT my store also had some grapefruit speeds, which I've been planning to buy. I was disappointed to find the fit wasn't quite right. Not sure if it's the block-it pocket style or what, but they seemed shorter, tighter in the hips, and baggier at the bottom. I think I'll pass on these if they are uploaded tonight.

LuluAddict said...

@lulu- thanks for the fit report on the Sweaty or Not tank. I am semi-interested in that one.

Anonymous said...

@girl wearing wee space pace ...refreshing to see actual athletic looking women in lulu