Tuesday, May 26, 2015

UK Spoilers

New Cool Racerbacks in Pistachio and Net Pop print.

SE Adjustable All Sport Bra in Gator Green Palm Party

Made to Layer LS in Micro Modal fabric.

Secret Sanctuary Scarf in French Terry

Om Pant in Dashing Purple. This was uploaded to the HK site.


Anonymous said...

Loooolllllll at that sanctuary scarf! Bath towel much?

Anonymous said...

That scarf looks super airplane-friendly. Like a blanket/scarf.

LuluAddict said...

Total blanket, imo.

Anonymous said...

No words to describe that so called scarf. I think lulu needs to look up the definition of scarf.

Anonymous said...

The blanket is too much.


J said...

Does anyone know what tank the model is wearing under the blanket?