Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Superb SS, Iris Flower Superb LS, and More Hit US Stores


Superb SS tee, made of Vitasea. I like the scoop neckline on this. If we get this in the upload and it comes in a fun print or color, I think I'll order to try. I've been looking for a new Vitasea tee ever since the Every Yogi was retired. Shown with the Liberty short.

lululemon-superb-ls iris-flower
Superb LS. The seam down the front, blah neckline, and boxy styling kill this for me even though it comes in super pretty Iris Flower. This is from a US store.


All You Need bra in Scratch Match print.


lululemon-metal-vent-tech alarming
Men's Metal Vent Tech in Alarming. I wonder if that means the women will see Alarming eventually, too.

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Anonymous said...

that Tee looks interesting, except the shoulders look strange. would have to see this one in person.