Saturday, May 23, 2015

Superb LS, Soft Summer Jacket, and More

Superb LS and Inner Essence Skirt. I thought the Super LS looked kind of boxy but I like it on this woman.

Wake and Flow Tank with the Crosscourt Petal Slim Jet Crops - really like this combo.

Blue Denim Studio Pants - still look like scrubs to me.

Soft Summer Jacket. My store had these yesterday, I didn't even bothering trying it on.

Finally, a bustier woman in the swim wear.


Anonymous said...

The woman in the first photo makes that tee and skirt look good.

The Blue Denim Studio Pants do look kind of like scrubs, but I ordered them anyway. I couldn't resist, I like the colour and it's a nice lighter colour for summer. Ordered my usual Lulu pants size 4, hoping they won't bag out too much with wear throughout the day. I have a feeling the size 2 would be too tight around my bum and tops of thighs where the size 4 fit snug (but not too tight) to begin with just trying them on, not sure how they'll fit after wearing for a full day, but my fingers are crossed they'll still look snug enough and still flattering around the bum area. There weren't any size 2 left to order from the Canadian site anyway.

Anonymous said...

I actually like the blue denim studio pants! I bought them in the street to studio version ( I am petite and look comical in the regular studio pant no matter what the color). But, I hate the inner essence skirt. Can't stand the front of it or the waistband with the huge logo. Definitely agree with you about that weird looking jacket though.

Anonymous said...

Short boxy jackets have zero appeal; I do not get their obsession with this type of cut or look. Lingerie camisole as a top, not classy.

Marissa Phillips said...

Hi LuluAddict! I'm the female in the swimwear! I work at Ala Moana Lululemon Athletica on Oahu and we're super stoked our photos made your page!


Marissa Phillips

Anonymous said...

Finally! A woman with an actual chest in swimwear. And she looks fantastic! I ordered the salty swim sport top and hipster in jewelled magenta, I am a 34D on top and the top fits, has moderate coverage and I think it looks cute! Lulu swimwear is usually made for stick thin/flat chested women. So happy to see these pics.

Anonymous said...

Marissa- this is the first time I've seen the swimwear look nice on someone! Looks fab!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone commenting. The photos look amazing, what a breath of fresh air, now I'm not scare to try the swim stuff.


Anonymous said...

The nude short under the skirt is a turn off. The skirt is fab in other solid colours.