Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Store Trip Report - Inner Essence Bra, Kickin It Back Pack, and More


lululemon inner-essence-bra-tag

lululemon inner-essence-bra
Colors and price of the new Inner Essence Bra. I tried it on for grins. It's definitely best suited for a B Cup.

lululemon-kickin-it backpack

lululemon kickin-it backpack
Kickin' It Backpack

Close up of the Jeweled Magenta/ Peach Fuzz Swiftly SS. I ordered the tank after I saw photos of the SS yesterday but I tried it on today and this color looks awful on me. It's not peachy enough for my tastes so I'll be returning the tank. It's an interesting color but it didn't work for me.

lululemon cardio-cross-trainer-headband
Have any of tried the Cardio Cross Trainer headbands? I bought my second one. It's like a looser fitting Swiftly headband. I like it for running. 


Anonymous said...

I really like the CCT headband! I have a few. I thought it too skinny at first but it grew on me and I like the fabric and it stays put and is comfy.

sisi80 said...

Like I need another bag...but has anyone seen the white Kickin' backpack in the U.S. stores? Digging that print!