Monday, May 4, 2015

Jeweled Magenta Speed Shorts, Jeweled Magenta Ace Spot Top Speed Crops, Gator Green Dottie Dash Inspire Crops, and More

lululemon-iconic-wrap dancing-warrior high-times

lululemon-iconic-wrap dancing-warrior high-times

lululemon-dancing-warrior high-times

lululemon dancing-warrior high-times
Hot pink with gray is kryptonite to me. New Jeweled Magenta Dancing Warrior tank and Iconic Wrap. Also shown are the Pigment Wave Multi High Times Pant.

lululemon dancing-warrior high-times

lululemon jeweled-magenta dancing-warrior high-times

lululemon jeweled-magenta-dancing-warrior high-times
Same combo - Jeweled Magenta Dancing Warrior Tank and Pigment Wave Multi High Times Pant.

lululemon-jeweled-magenta-ace-spot top speed crop
The new Jeweled Magenta Ace Spot Top Speed Crops and a new Inspire crop.

lululemon gator-green dottie-dash-inspires

lululemon gator-green dottie-dash-inspires
New Gator Green (I think. These might be Fatigue.) Dottie Dash Inspire crops. 

Jeweled Magenta LS Swiftly. I think I need this Swiftly.

lululemon-jeweled-magenta speed short
New Jeweled Magenta Speed Shorts.

lululemon what-the-sport-singlet

lululemon what-the-sport-singlet
The shimmery What the Sport Singlets in Slate and Jeweled Magenta.


lululemon-jeweled-magenta-define namaskar-pant
Heathered Jeweled Magenta Define and Heat Wave Namaskar Pants

lululemon poseidon-blue-swifltys

Heathered Poseidon Blue Swiftly LS


lulunj said...

the jeweled magenta shorts are run times, not speeds!

Anonymous said...

Those jeweled magenta shorts look like run times - not speed shorts. The venting in different than speeds.

Anonymous said...

Hot Pink and Grey are magical together. LOL. Had to head over to the store today to pick up the new Magenta Define. Love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

I hope the jeweled magenta shorts are run times indeed. I need a nice bright color of run times! Wonder what the contrasting color is? Navy? Black?