Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jeweled Magenta All Sport Support Tank, Scratch Match Top Speed Crop, Inner Essence Skirt, and More

lululemon what-the-sport-singlet scratch-match-top-speed

lululemon what-the-sport-singlet scratch-match-top-speed

lululemon what-the-sport-singlet scratch-match-top-speed
Jeweled Magenta All Sport Support Tank and Scratch Match Top Speed Crops. I tried on this tank yesterday and the bra was a bit stretchier and more TTS than other All Sports I've tried on. I thought about getting it but will put it on my markdown watch list for now.

lululemon inner-essence-skirt soft-summer-jacket

lululemon inner-essence-skirt soft-summer-jacket

lululemon regal-plum-wunder-under cotton-roll-down
White Define, Poseidon Power Y, and Roll Down Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops (I'm not sure whether these are luon or cotton. I know my store has cotton ones in it now so I tend to think these are cotton). I wouldn't have thought of pairing Poseidon and Regal Plum but they're really nice together.

lululemon straight-up-tank
Very Light Flare Straight Up Tank and Om Pants. Anyone try on this tank yet? I'm curious to know whether it fits TTS or looser.


Anonymous said...

I bought the white tank today in my TTS. I am excited for Straight Up Tank because sometimes I don't want to wear a racer back bra. I wear CRB all the time under shirts so I started with white since I can wear my regular bra. Very Light Flare is very bright. I don't thibnk SUT is as long as CRB.

Lululover said...

Very light flare looks very much like Atomic Red to me on the website pictures

Jane Doe said...

Hi! Seems like very light flare is a tough color to capture in images? Is it much brighter in real life?

LuluAddict said...

@ Jane - I have a Light Flare CRB and an Atomic Red Pullover. I'll try to remember to put up some comparison of them and other oranges I can dig up tomorrow.