Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hong Kong Spoilers


I had heard these were in a few stores in Canada - Lullaby Runbeam Hoodie. There is also a solid black in addition to the Texture Twist Canada already got. I think I would like this if it comes to the US. These make nice run tops for my winter here in SoCal.

lululemon-dancing-warrior lullaby ace-dot
Ace Dot Lullaby Dancing Warrior Tank. I wonder if there will be a Power Y in this print.

lululemon-all-sport-support gator

lululemon-all-sport-support gator
Gator Green Palm Play All Sport Support Tank

lululemon-seamlessly street
Seamlessly Street Crop in Dashing Purple

Top Speed Crop in Fatigue Dottie Dash

Poseidon Training Tough Crop

lululemon-pace-rival ace-dot

lululemon-pace-rival dashing

lululemon-pace-rival palm party

Ace Dot Lullaby, Dashing Purple, and Palm Party Pace Rival Crop

Back Spin Stroke Patience Pant

lululemon-speed tight
Dashing Purple Speed Tight. I tend to doubt North America will get this but I suppose you never know.



Trainer Track Pants

lululemon-girlfirend tee
Girlfriend Tee



Funky Scrunch or Not headband.


Anonymous said...

None of this appeals to me. My money is safe.

Track Trainer pants in white look like pyjamas and the heathered aren't too far off.

Lululover said...

These are odd colors for summer IMO

janine57 said...

Love the runbeam hoodie. At least with one color we don't have to worry about the colors running.i had two of the purple Aqua and both ran. Hope we get this.

LuluAddict said...

@janine57 - wow, I don't think I remember hearing about that one having bleeding problems. I have to solid Power Purple runbeam LS and haven't had a problem. Lulu seems to have fixed it's bleeding problems now.

Anonymous said...

LLA and janine57 I have had some items bleed a little, it is usually the oranges and the bright yellows, it is totally random too. None is as bad as the paris pink, which after more than 2 years are still bleeding and not fading.