Thursday, May 14, 2015

Comparison: Sun Runner Tank to Sculpt Tank

There wasn't too much new stuff at the store today. I was able to try on the Sun Runner tank and LS. They are a roomy fit but quite short. If you are petite, I think these tops would work well for you. Both have bonded hems. I can't say I am a big fan of bonded seams. I grabbed a Sculpt tank to compare the Sun Runner to. The Sun Runner is little more generous through the chest and has a higher armpit but it's quite a bit shorter than the Sculpt. The upper back is also mostly solid, where the Sculpt has mesh straps and a keyhole opening which allows the center upper back - my high sweat zone - to be totally open to the air. I tried on both the Crosscourt print and the Black and found the black to feel silkier. The print was a bit stiffer feeling.

Sun Runner tank and LS have bonded hems at the bottom.

Sculpt Tank has a sewn hem.


Anonymous said...

OT: The only piece of the swim line in which I was interested was the Salty Swim Sleeveless Rashie. I got home from work rather late on Tuesday and I didn't see it on the US side (where I live) though Canada still had a full run of sizes. I was wondering whether it sold out quickly on the US side -- or perhaps it wasn't uploaded. (Even though I think it may have potential, I have a hard time imagining it was popular enough to sell out in hours.) Has anyone tried this on? It looks as if it might be practical for me since I prefer not to expose my chest to the sun, but sleeves can be too hot in the summer. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME comparison! Thank you so much! I had bought a couple more sculpt tanks for running but thought perhaps I'd take them back and try out the sun runner tank but with no bust the sculpt tank might be a better bet for me.

Windy City Visitor said...

LLA, do you have an idea of what stores generally carry Tuesday's upload items the weekend before? I live near a smaller LLL in the Dallas area and they never carry the items in the store before Tuesday, usually not full upload, at that. I happen to visiting Chicago right now and I noticed that two stores didn't have Tuesday upload items before Tuesday either, at least this week. Just wondering….Thank you for your insights.

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - if you read this - I know you sent some comparison photos of these two tanks, too, but they never arrived. The website is supposed to forward emails to my main email address but it seems to lose things quite a bit.

@Windy City Visor - What the stores get is really baffling me just now. My store gets deliveries on Monday night and then puts them out for Tuesday but it's often not what is on the website. They told me today sometimes they get stuff a week or two after the website. It's become much more random whether what is in the store will match the upload. I am on the hunt for the Clarity CRB and neither of the stores I went to today had them yet.

Unknown said...

@LLA Thanks for letting me kno. I sent them from my iPhone to from my comcast account instead of my gmail account...not sure why you didn't receive them :(
Thanks for doing a comparison..I'm on the fence about the sun runner tank due to the shorter length..You obviously left it at the store, right? I agree it's more generous through the body and chest overall then the sculpt. Did you happen to try the sun runner LS?

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - yes, left it at the store. On one hand I like the closer fit on the other it's way too short and I do prefer the essentially open back of the sculpt tank - it felt so nice when I was running on the treadmill at the gym. I did try on the ls and liked it but it's too short. I am waiting for the runbeam hoodie to come to the US.