Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Upload! Get it here.

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti inspire-crops
Pigment Sport Multi Inspires (US) - I bought these in the store today.

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti speed-shorts

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti high-times-pant

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti speed-tight

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti what-the-sport-short

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti sculpt-tank

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti stuff-your-bra

lululemon-pigment-wave-mutlti adjustable-all-sport

lululemon-heat-wave wunder-under-crop

lululemon-brushed-animal inspire-crops
Brushed Animal Inspire Crops (CAN and US - but not in a 12 for the US)

lululemon iridescent-multi inspires
Iridescent Multi Inspires (US) - but not in a 12. The stores didn't get this in a 12, either. I tried on the size down in the store today just to see if I'd like the color and decided I could live without them. The print has too much yellowy green for me.

lululemon-brushed-animal tracker-short

lululemon-brushed-animal pace-rival-short



lululemon-ebb-to-street-pant regal plum

lululemon-regal-plum in-the-flow-crop

lululemon-regal-plum street-to-studio-crop

















lululemon cardi-in-the-front


Bhakti Life Reality SS (CAN) - this is in US stores. This is a thick sweater and TTS.

Simply the Vest - I tried this on today and kind of liked it. I think you can size down one size in this and still have it be oversized.

Nothing for me today since I got what I wanted at the store. Did you get anything today?

Update - I didn't realize the US got the Brushed Animal Inspire Crops, too, but not in a 12. (The stores didn't get the 12s either, I've been checking. Same with the Iridescent Multi print, too - no stores get them in a 12.) I ended up using my Canadian connection to order a pair of 12s that she'll forward onto me.


amy said...

Is the Easy Breezy pant in the fabric that wrinkles? (Tencil?) I sort of like the cut but not if it's high maintenance. Thank you!!!!

OHBabbs said...

Well, largest LLL purchase I've made since December. I did get multiple styles in the pigment wave pattern so I can pick the style that works best for me, Inspire crop, Inspire tights and Speed tights. A pair of the pigment wave speed shorts are a definite keeper. Happy to see the return of Run Stuff Your Bra, so got that in coral. It's one of the few bras that is cut deep enough in the arm to minimize side boob, Lastly grabbed the Swiftly LS in Heathered Regal Plum, I past on the Heathered deep navy LS and regretted it.

Anonymous said...

The brushed animal inspires are on the US site too!

Anonymous said...

LLA - I take it that Canada is never going to receive the High Times Pant Cyber Stripe with the zippers on the ankles!????!???? Do you know anything about that? NB does not have a LLL and when I call around to other provinces they don't know what I'm talking about and neither does the GEC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did the US get the Tracker III's in the pigment wave last week? I didn't see them this upload...

Anonymous said...

Largest purchase for me ever! Got sooo much: PW Inspires & Speeds, HW FTBW & CRB, Regal Plum Hit Your Stride & Flow Crops, and EC FTBW. This may be nothing to many of you, but to me it's ugh!

I'd love the Regal Plum Swiftly but hate how badly they ride up. Any secret to success with them? I love the fit of my TTS and would really hate sizing up. I've worn the one I ever bought with so many different bottoms with zero success. I'd love some help!

Anonymous said...

Finally!! The dry spell is over for me :) it's running season, I have races to run this spring, I got the pace rival in coral - US side did get them. , pigment wave inspires and iredescent inspires..so, so happy!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:43 pm - thanks! I totally missed them.

Anonymous said...

@amy: yes, the Easy-Breezy pants are made of Tencel. I would not touch that material with a ten foot pole. The wrinkles are horribly cheap looking.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the US. I just ordered the FTBW bra in the Heat Wave print. I can't believe I missed out on the SS Swiftly tee in Fresco Blue. I don't think I can wear long sleeve here in 98 degree So Cal weather.
On the fence about ordering the tank version Swiftly in Fresco Blue.

Unknown said...

I see the Pace Rivals in most of the patterns in the Tall's ..Yeah!!! LLA What did you score at your store today? I know you mentioned the Pigment wave muli..did you have a tough time finding a pattern placement you liked? Also did you try the iridescent Inspire crops and what did you think?

Anonymous said...

No, they weren't uploaded last week. And that is literally the one thing I wanted this week, ugh!

Anonymous said...

LMAO - Wake & Flow short $64, camisole $58. As if!

Easy Breezy Pant had potential but they're made of Tencel so I will pass. Also, typo on website for this item "breatable" fabric. There's a little thing called Spell Check they should use. LLL is the worst at spelling, particularly when they words in print on clothing or a yoga mat ;)

Fortunately for me, nothing is of interest. If you're in Toronto and are after the Heat Wave CRB and/or the Heat Wave FTBW bra, Eaton Centre already has them.

Lululover said...

Pretty decent upload . I got Inspires in PM like almost everybody else and City Skirt in EC. I think it'll look super cute to go out. I'm debating if I need CRB in Heat Wave. I like the print and will definitely snag WUC in it when US gets them, but I have a feeling that CRB can be scratchy. I was hoping for Define in Blush but not this time I guess,,,

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I wanted so much this afternoon but settled on the PM and black/animal speed shorts, EC FTBW, and Fresco Swiftly LS. Thinking about going back for some Pace Rival Skirts, RSYB, and PM Inspires, though I'm not a big fan of the Fullux fabric. But I love the print, and it will go with so many tanks!

Anonymous said...

Did pigment wave speed short sold out in five minutes on Canadian site!!!!!,! I cannot believe it!

Anonymous said...

LLA- I placed an order last night for the PW and Iridescent Inspire Crops so that I could try both prints to see which one I like better, but now I am reading reviews of these crops on the website and they are really poor! Lots of issues with the crops stretching out, falling down, fitting poorly, etc. Can you comment on this? I'm so surprised because these seem to be items that we have been patiently waiting for!

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the Pace Rival skirt in Electric Coral. I LOVE the Pace Setter skirt and have many (I'm an avid tennis player) so I hope I will like the Pace Rival as much. Any recommendations as to what colors look good with the Electric Coral??

Anonymous said...

I seem to be in the minority, but not into any of the prints they are releasing. I picked up the minty grey/green Vinyasa for summer and 4-way speed shorts in naval blue. Boring I know but I end up wearing my solid black speeds the most often so I think a solid blue will be nice too.

Anonymous said...

Bought the piment wave high-- wow, blank-- high whatever-they're-called-pants. They look a bit much for me but thought I'd try them out and they did end up selling out so I'm glad I ordered. Also bought two stuff your bras. Got my energy bra size and hope they fit. For all the talk of a big product drop I was disappointed. Not much for me there. I wear neutrals almost exclusively in the fall/winter but come spring I always crave color. SO disappointed in the lack of vibrant color.

Anonymous said...

did anyone get the over priced pijama stuff? I can't wait to pick up a pair of the multi inspires. I have been running a lot this spring and I am loving the colorful tights and crops.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen many reports of sheerness of the Pigment Wave inspire crops, but you can absolutely see the writing on the rip tag if you have a pair that has more white patches on the rear (and you don't have to even put them on; just hold the tag up to the fabric). That said, I love the print and live near multiple stores so checked 10 different pairs in 3 stores before finding pattern placement that I liked (no white patches on rear, not too many huge plum patches, etc.). I am very picky, though, so YMMV.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I meant the Pigment Wave inspires were sheer, not the speed shorts, which were not sheer at all, in spite of having a black liner!

Anonymous said...

Seriously -- the run for gold is $74 -- are they insane?, for a tanktop! that is a lot of money for a tank-- anyone order this?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:57 -
Agree with you completely!! I am not a print person. Dying to see some great blues/greens/purples for summer. And I typically stick to black/navy/grey running shorts as well :)

Anonymous said...

Heads up on the U.S. side--they added a new inspire crop to the inspire crop II (mesh) section. They call it pigment wave mu.ti but there's no pigment wave per se. The mesh is clear mint (I think), the luxtreme is black & the waistband is clear mint (?) and a neutral-colored pattern.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:18 - haha good to have company. Maybe we'll get those pretty solids soon. (anon @ 7:57)

Anonymous said...

I just started buying lulu this spring. In the first year of collecting I have spent many many dollars and hours trying to make sure the products I wanted didn’t sell out before I could get my hands on them. I have been lucky and diligent enough to get my hands on lots of items I really wanted, like a lot of FTBWs the upload they were released, but I have also paid tons for marked up items like my flare plaid trackers. (Still my favorite shorts so I don’t really mind). I’ve also gone so far as to have an angel send me tracker shorts from Australia when the seawheeze items were re-released there this fall. However, after google-ing unicorn tears today and comparing to pigment wave multi I have decided I have been going at this all wrong. If lulu is going to wait a few years and then release things so similar to things that already came out why should I kill myself trying to get my hands on hot items? Even the purple and oranges in unicorn tears and pigment wave multi are incredibly similar. Here is to no longer stressing that the upload is up before my 4:00 crossfit class every Tuesday, I am cured of my addiction!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Still waiting on the regal plum WUC's!! When are they going to be released on the U.S. site???

Anonymous said...

3;27 i think that the reason why I went crazy with the multi print, is that it reminded me of the unicorn tears that I missed out on. I think that lulu is playing with us by using nostalgia, it works.