Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Upload! (UPDATED)

Upload - link is here.

Canada got Fresco Blue Speeds









Hot to Street Bra. This goes up to a 12.



lululemon top-speed-crop

lululemon top-speed-iridescent

Hot to Street Shorts. These go to a 12, too.


Namaskar Pant (swift) and Jet Crops (luon) in Heat Wave print (CAN)


lululemon var-city-tank
Var-City Tank (US). I am on the fence about ordering this.

lululemon sculpt-tank

The US got the All Sport Support Tanks (US). I'll try this one at the store.

New colors in the Ebb and Flow Bra. I swear these stopped at a ten but now they come in a 12.

Brushed Animal Run Time Shorts. Where are the Trackers?

The US finally got the Find Your Bliss Jackets.

Canada got the Heat Wave Cool Racerback.

Canada got the Keep It Cool Crop

Ghost Weave Studio Racerback hit the US. I ordered this.

Just the Ghost Weave Studio Racerback for me.

Did you get anything today?

A reader notes the Vintage Green LS Swiftly was uploaded (thanks!) to the US side. I  ordered this.


Anonymous said...

Coral wunder crops! Darn it! Are they really as sheer as all the reviews say!!?? So sad!

Anonymous said...

Check out the heat wave WUPs... is there any chance this isn't photoshopped? https://images.lululemon.com/is/image/lululemon/LW5F95S_017414_1?$pdp_main$

Chezhire71 said...

Just the FTBW in the gorg Vintage Green for me.
Considering the Heathered Blue Tropics Swiftly Crew, but prob will pass, as I prefer the Swiftly Scoop so much more.

Chezhire71 said...

And, still waiting on the High Times Pigment Wave for US upload. Can't wait to have these!

LuluAddict said...

@Chezhire71 - I have a Scoop Neck Blue Tropics Swiflty LS. I bet you could find one on ebay or the sales boards.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:16- I just returned mine today. They were the most sheer pants I have ever tried from Lulu and I usually don't have complaints with sheerness. Too bad because the color was great.

Distraught shopper said...

Does anyone know if the define jacket will be restocked in black anytime soon?? Or will I have to wait for winter? No store in my area has them either :'(

Contemplating whether I should just order one off ebay but don't want to end up buying a fake one!

luvcoffee said...

Canada got the Breezy Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops too, so I ordered those! It's unfortunate that Lulu doesn't come out with co-ordinating pieces at the same time, a matching Power-Y would be nice.

Amanda said...

Ordered my first FTBW bra in Going Grape/Bumble Berry. This may be going back - I love them but I'm not sure if it will work on me.
Was this released color before this week and I only noticed it now? Am I crazy for thinking how pretty it is?!

Chezhire71 said...

Thx LLA, I may be headed that way soon to try to find one. Any idea if LLL is even bringing back the scoop neckline in the swiftly?

Anonymous said...

Blah blah booooring. Booooo. Can May come yet? I'm guessing that's when NA will finally see the mother load of Pigment Wave come in. Hit me like sma tsunami, Lulu. I dare ya. I'm bored.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe how much money I've saved over the last few months! Amazing!! If the designers keep this up, I may consider myself cured of my LLL addiction.

Anonymous said...

Not a thing. Most items recently are largely unappealing to me. Have the vintage green FTBW from a few weeks ago (Canada). Don't care for the CRB offerings either. Would like to have the butter pink one released in the UK.

Unknown said...

I didn't order anything yet..tempted bu the Var-City Tank although I may try and wait till they are at my local Lulu. Also wondering if you noticed a new jacket teased in the Hip to be free bag *print the photos of the mystic jungle butter pink black. Also a new high neck tank with side roushing teased in the photos of the heat wave white/black high times pants...what do you think LLA?

Anonymous said...

Canada got Jet Crop SLIMs in Inkwell as well - I know a few US stores got the grey in these, but never uploaded on the US side online. SO UNFAIR!!! Ugh, will we ever get them? I could see myself wearing these to work almost every day, and hence buying almost every color available, if I were able to!

Lululover said...

Nothing of interest for me except Ghost Weave SRB and Clear Mint boogie shorts

Anonymous said...

Will Canada ever get the Cyber Stripe High Times Pant with the zippers????

Anonymous said...

Seriously you couldn't pay ME to wear 99% of that stuff. What is going on? The only thing ive bought from lulu in months is a pair of plain speeds. And a few older things on eBay. I guess it's good b/c im not even tempted to buy more clothes i don't really need.

Anonymous said...

This was a good upload for me...got the animal Run Times, the ghost weave SRB, and two all sport support tanks, electric coral/navy and fresco blue.

Tempted by the breezy plum WU crops, especially since the coral crops didn't work out, but I've done enough damage for now.

Anonymous said...

Yea I think that can totally be real. If you get in that position and suck in it looks crazy like that, I think a lot of abdominal organs shift up and so it leaves the lower trunk more free to suck in to a greater degree. I'm not nearly as thin as that model, but when I do that my stomach looks tiny too.

Anonymous said...

I got the l/s Swiftly in the space dye Blue Tropics(it's space dyed, not heathered - they shld really change the name).

Also got the Var-City Long Line Bra in Electric Coral.

still waiting for the iridescent multi inspire speeds and tights

Anonymous said...

Ordered electric coral speeds and got the fresco blue at the store today. Returned my clear mint speeds because they were way too sheer.

Anonymous said...

There's Vintage Green LS swiftly on US side this AM. Was that there yesterday?

Unknown said...

I don't think they're that bad. I usually take a size 8, but went with a 10. You can't see my nude undies when I bend over. It does show a bit of cellulite, but it's not that bad. The color is so beautiful, I'm definitely keeping them!

Unknown said...

Nothing for me. I do like the gully green, but I think I'd rather have a tank. I'm getting impatient for the animal print trackers and heat wave WUC. Hopefully they upload next week!!!

Amanda said...

I am with you! Dying for a black or heathered black define but don't want to buy from eBay. I keep thinking surely they will re-release one of them.

Anonymous said...

no pretty colors..... again!!!!! I too am largly cured of my lulu addiction only because they are not makeing anything that great some is okay but not stunning where i just find myself driving to lululemon. for the best i suppose since i have a ton of lulu i really do not need more ;)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:19 am - Ugh! The color is a few to to the right so I wonder if they snuck it on. Thanks for telling me. I ordered it.

Anonymous said...

NYC shops got the Fresco Blue Speed shorts and they are even more beautiful in person. I snagged two pairs just because I love this color.

Luluaddict: I got the white and electrial coral Varsity tank and i truly love it. It's very different and stylish. I will definitely wear the white one for casual wear. The fabric is super soft

Anonymous said...

I went to my local (Union Square NYC)and got the trail bound run shorts in clear mint. They also had the speeds in the same color, but I think the trail bound material is more sturdy for moving around on a sailboat.
The gully green color is quite nice in person. I also got the the retreat bra, I think that is going to make a great bathing suit top.

My WUC in electric coral are not sheer. I checked them a number of times. I am pretty petite, and have slim legs, I carry my body fat on my belly mostly.
Maybe lulu has a couple of batches of the luon material in the electric coral color.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the concern about the dearth of Defines. My store has completely sold out and there are very few online. I am petite with a relatively trim torso and stocky legs so I love fitted, short-ish (not cropped) jackets. Defines are my all-time favorite and honestly I think they are also flattering on my friends with different body types than I. Oh, I would be so sad if the Find Your Bliss Jacket, which seems to be in plentiful supply, were the summer (God forbid permanent) replacement. I don't know if I could resist another Define in a fabulous color, but for some reason the Find Your Bliss isn't doing it for me in pictures. Maybe it's much better in person?

Anonymous said...

Haven't bought anything since last year and that says a lot bc I wear lulu everyday and have lost 30lbs since August. I miss the good old days when mesh was opaque, circle mesh. I'm not feeling all the transparent clothing.

Lululover said...

It's funny how everybody including myself complains about lulu not making anything good but I still spend at least $100 each upload! Lol

Anonymous said...

I guess not everyone is a fan of regal plum hot to street corp? I seriously thought these would be gone in seconds! I ordered them just to try. No one thinks they are pretty?

Anonymous said...

@Lululover, yeah me too!

There are just some things that frustrate me. LIke the electric coral speed shorts. Would have been perfect were it not for the ugly striped waistband. WTF did they do that for?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the US will be getting savasana wraps any time soon? These always sell out so fast, I'm thinking I'd like to try one and see what all the fuss is about.