Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slate Swiftly SS, Light Speed Crop, Regal Plum Ebb to Street Pant, and More

Slate Swiftly SS and Black Cherry High Times with the mesh detail down the side. This version had a special designator on one of the foreign sites, I want to say something like *Fem.

Slate Swiftly SS and Deep Camo Run For Days Short. I am a sucker for light gray/silver tops but I wish this didn't have the star crush pattern woven into it. I believe I saw a photo of a silver Swiftly tank and it was heathered.

Light Speed Crops. Shown with an All Sport Support Tank in the first two photos and gorgeous Regal Plum Swiftly SS in the last.

New Regal Plum Ebb to Street Pants,What the Sport Singlet, and In the Flow tank.

Regal Plum Cool Racerback and Heat Wave Wunder Under Pants. Heat Wave Wunder Under Crops have been spotted in Vancouver stores.

Some nice photos of the Run for Days Tank, Bra, and Crops. The bra I ordered should be here tomorrow and I post some comparison photos to the Energy and Waterbound bra then.

 More of the Run for Days LS, Shorts, Tank, and Crops

Iridescent Multi Energy Bra under a Fresco Blue What the Sport Singlet


Anonymous said...

Agree with you LLA on the slate swiftly that they ruined with that unoriginal star pattern...just makes it look so dated and busy at the same time. Oh well, more $$ saved and at least there's the pretty Regal Plum color.

Kathy said...

Any feedback on the fit on the all sports tank? My sister found the tank portion slim fitting in the hips. Would love to hear a fit review!

Anonymous said...

I feel like at times Lululemon corporation is blind, stupid, and deaf! LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, READ THE BLOGS SUCH AS LULUADDICT AND READ ALL THE FEED BACKS FROM EVERY LULU STORE AND HEYLULULEMON. I don't know one single friend or colleague that likes What the Sport Singlet. Their run jackets/parkas and reflective jackets/vests also need to be sharper and modern and they're not which is why the ALL end up in WMTM. As far as I know the Rise and Shine jacket in Camo (which you should have made a ton more of as soon as you saw Ebay selling for $499! ) is the only one that sold out within seconds. I bought TWO items in the past two months. I used to easily spend minimum $1000+ per month on Lulu. My husband is very happy since now I'm reluctantly spending only about $120 per month. I am buying the basics like Energy Bra and CRB's. I do still collect all the FTBW bras though but they should have new colors out every week and not just in Canada!

Unknown said...

I bought the Iridescent Multi energy bra last night along with the strawberry milkshake CRB , I tried on the pretty pink I think..much lighter than the strawberry milkshake and it was super tight..much different fit..not sure what that was about but the educator said her TTS was very tight as well.
I tried on the all sport tank...I felt my TTS was a little snug..did not try my size up and may next visit. But my tts was not very roomy in the body yet the bra was nice and fit like my energy bra in same size but the overtank was a bit ill fitting around the breast area.
I also tried the High times in the dark cherry with the mesh down the sides..they were nicely thick and opaque but I already own the WUP Roll down so I passed. I did however get the fatigue WUC Roll them!! Nicely thick and opaque!

Anonymous said...

I agree with comments above, there is nothing appealing with any of this new stuff. Nothing. I've bought a few things, but they were basics like Skinny Grooves and Swiftlys.
These new prints are extremely unappealing to me and I realize I may be in the minority, but if I wanted these jungle prints, I'd shop elsewhere.
Very disappointed with Lulu, it never ceases to amaze how they continue to pump out this garbage.

Chezhire71 said...

I love those Regal Plum Ebb to Street!
Will be buying those for sure!

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comments above as well...I only got into LLL around January 2014 or so but even in that short time, I am amazed at how this company has decided to cut so many customer favorites (No Limits Tank, CRB, 105fs...) to make room for ugly designs. I understand they are trying to market themselves as a fashion-forward, "streetwear" company, but the majority of those designs go to WMTM. The customer base wants well-made workout clothes in great colors. I'd love to buy another Scuba hoodie but I really don't want a grey/black one. The disparity in the designs and colors from last spring to this spring is huge! It's so disappointing.

Anonymous said...

and where are the colored Defines for Spring/Summer? They sell like hotcakes, it makes no sense.
Pinks? Greens? Blues? These are the colors people want. Again, I'm baffled.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the black cherry high times with the mesh sides were ever uploaded to the US. I just received the new skinny grooves in black cherry and would actually like the high times better, I think.

Anonymous said...

I agree and also disagree. The what the sport tank is now one of my favorites. and the vest that just went on sale is pretty nice to. I run in it in the evenings.
I do agree that some of the designs are awful and not very flattering or useful for a good hard workout.
All the prices on some of the new stuff is just out of hand as well.
People are still buying up all this stuff though.


Anonymous said...

The regal Ebb to Street is sort of tempting for some reason, pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like that slate s/s swiftly with the star crushed pattern. I usually only buy patterned ones and this one I might go for. I have 3 other s/s ones that I love that were technically called *SE.

I like the look of those camo run for days shorts but will probably pass on them as they will show sweat and I sweat a lot. I used to have a camo coloured pair years ago.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I just read the comments by others. I agree that most of the stuff out now is very unappealing and I spend much less now than I used to, much less in the last 2 years. I accept that they're trying to be progressive or fashion forward, but it's not working for the loyal customers. Apparently they are still making money and some customers are eating up this stuff. Don't really get the success though, since SO much fugly stuff goes to wmtm.

Lately I only buy FTBW bras and CRBs when they come out - but only thick and soft ones like butter pink, for example. The Rich Earth one sucked big time. I wouldn't even buy it on markdown.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, @3:57. We have different bodies, so I guess the All Sport tank will fit differently for everybody. I'm 5.5, 36B. The tank fit me well and comfortably in size 12 (I'm a swimmer, with a broad back). The only hiccup was that the bra in the front fit me exactly like it fits the woman with the braided hair, wearing a navy blue tank. I returned the tank. Who needs sideboobs.

Lululover said...

I also like What the sport tank, in fact snagged 2 of them today at my store. Rise & Shine jacket in duck dynasty kind of Camo was not appealing to me, I wouldn't buy it even if it went to WMTM. Although I LOVE camo, just more traditional like savasana or oil slick. I can't get enough of that . I also can't wait for Pigment multi HT to get uploaded, love !

Anonymous said...

They are great pants, my only issue is the crotch is solid plum! Should've been the same material. Nbd unless you plan on wearing them for Pilates and/or yoga

Chezhire71 said...

@8:28PM, gosh, thanks so much for pointing out the solid regal plum patch at the crotch area on those Regal Plum Ebb to Streets. Don't know how I missed that detail.
That ruins it for me. So ugly when on the floor doing exercises or stretching.