Monday, April 20, 2015

Run For Days Tank, Run For Days Crop, and More

lululemon run-for-days-tank-crop

lululemon run-for-days-tank

lululemon-run-for-days-tank-crop regal-plum



lululemon-run-for-days-tank-crop-plum energy-bra

The new Run For Days Tank and Crop. Also shown is an Energy Bra in Regal Plum. This is from a US store. Anyone try on the tank yet?

lululemon-brushed-animal-inspires bleached-coral-swiftly

lululemon brushed-animal-inspires bleached-coral-swiftly

lululemon-brushed-animal-inspires bleached-coral-swiftly



Bleached Coral Swiftly Tank and Brushed Animal Inspires. These Inspires are in US Stores.


lulu said...

Yes, I tried on and purchased the Run For Days Tank in the Regal Plum..However after a closer look at home I will be returning..It's somewhat least on me. I had tried the 10 which was way to loose and big around the shoulder area but I much preferred the length in the 10..I bought the 8 which was better for my shoulder under arm area but then becomes shorter. At the end of the day not all that attractive but I do like the material of the tank . I have been waiting on the arrival of the Var-City tank which is due to arrive tomorrow..I am looking forward to this one!

LuluAddict said...

@ lulu - that is where I am at with the Run for Days tank - I like that type of fabric a lot for running but the styling doesn't appeal to me too much. What color Var City did you get?

lulu said...

@LLA I have all 3 colors coming..I figured if I love the tank I may keep all 3 but I wanted choices..LOL
By the way, I also tried on the run for days short sleeve ..My store got all 3 colors (Black, Regal Plum and the deep camo color..Again an odd fit..8 was a bit better in the shoulder area but too short for my liking and a little snug whereas the 10 was better in the length and body was roomier but had funny bunching in the back of the armpit area :(

Katelyn Marando said...

I tried on the run for days tank yesterday. I am pregnant so I thought it would be great as it is a looser fit. However, it is pretty short and would probably only work for me for the next month or so. The back is really cute though!