Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Regal Plum Wunder Under Pant, Iridescent Multi Miss Misty Jacket, Var-City Tank, and More

lululemon-miss-misty iridescent-multi
Irridescent Multi and Biggie Pigment Miss Misty Jackets (not in North America yet). Also shown are the Regal Plum Wunder Under Pants.

Fresco Blue Swiftly Tank (not in North America yet) and Regal Plum Wunder Under Pant


lululemon var-city-tank-coral

Electric Coral Var-City Tank. I am kind of liking it from the photos. Anyone try it on yet?

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket breezy-plum-wunder-under-crop

lululemon find-your-bliss-jacket breezy-plum-wunder-under-crop

lululemon find-your-bliss-jacket breezy-plum-wunder-under-crop
I really like this series of photos - Regal Plum Find Your Bliss Jacket and Breezy Regal Plum Wunder Under Crops. The Regal Plum Find Your Bliss jacket is in US stores and I tried in on a couple of days ago. The double layers make it on the heavier side and it's very fitted. 

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket jet-crop

lululemon-find-your-bliss-jacket cyber-stripe-high-times

lululemon find-your-bliss-jacket cyber-stripe-high-times

lululemon-scoop-back-tank spring-breakaway-short

lululemon scoop-back-tank spring-breakaway-short

The new Scoop Back Tank. Shown with Spring Breakaway Shorts.


Susan said...

Are the spring breakaway shorts a comeback item? Do they go up to a 12?

Anonymous said...

Bleached coral swiftly tank? Is bleached coral coming back? Or is that possibly Heathered electric coral?

LuluAddict said...

It's bleached coral - it's on the Canadian side of the website right now.

@Susan - They are a comeback item. I think they went to a 12 but I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Var-City tank yesterday....LOVE the fabric and feel and the neckline and hemline are both flattering. It's skimmming but not tight and the back lets you easily show off a cute bra like an Energy. I have it in white and am going back for more colors today.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, anon 5:08 am. That is good to know.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean US will get bleached coral too?

Anonymous said...

I think the feel of the var city tank is kinda like the typical shiny poly that they make football jerseys out of. I wasn't that excited by it.


LuluAddict said...

@M - Interesting. I wish it was made of circle mesh.

Anonymous said...

If it was circle mesh or the super lite luon I would have purchased it.