Monday, April 27, 2015

Regal Plum Run for Days Bra (& Performance Comments) With the Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights

lululemon-pigment-wave-multi-speed0-tights run-for-days-bra



A really nice set of photos (credit Tracy Incau) from Australia featuring the Regal Plum Run for Days Bra with Pigment Wave Multi Speed Tights. Also shown is the Run for Days Tank. I wore this bra for a three mile run outside yesterday. I really liked the level of support it gave me. I posted some comparison photos of it against an Energy and Bound Bra the other day. Though it has the same dimensions as an Energy Bra it's a lot more compressive in the main part of the bra, meaning the girls are held in place better. The straps also seem less stretchy than an Energy. The bra band seemed to fit on par with the same size Energy bra, though, so it didn't feel too tight. I took the bra off right after I was done so I can't comment as to whether this is a bra that is all-day comfy like the Energy. It's rather compressive so I suspect not. I didn't put a phone in the pocket but I did put my ipod there. The chest is a super sweaty area on me and the face of it got condensation on it so I moved my ipod back down to my standard waist location. All in all, this is a very decent run bra for bustier women.


Beth said...

Thanks for your review, hoping HK showrooms will have this so I can try it on.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, model and product! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to love this bra. I had issues with sizing, though. I am a 4 in the old Energy bras, and a 6 in the smaller, newer ones and in In a Flash bras. I'm a 32D in TaTa Tamers. The Run for Days bra was so tight, I could hardly get it on and off, and the size 6 band was too loose (although the cups fit well). When I did the jump up and down test in the dressing room, the band slid around. The other issue I had though, was the cutout at the bottom. It gave me exposed underboob (which would be ok if I didn't run shirtless in the summer). I would definitely recommend you try this bra on before buying since everyone is different!

Anonymous said...

This print is unflattering to most the legs I have seen.

Unknown said...

I agree on the Pigment Multi Wave print as I felt it was not flattering my legs at all..preferred the more consistent iridescent print and I also got the animal swirl inspire crops. I think this pigment wave multi is beautiful but with the more random splotches of color versus prints that have consistency throughout don't do certain figures any least that's been my experience :) I stuck with buying this print in a sculpt tank.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review on the bra. It sounds like you have to be the right measurements in order to fit that bra properly. I am persona;;y sticking with the all sport.