Monday, April 6, 2015

NEW! Iridescent Multi Inspire Tights and All Sport Support Tank

lululemon-iridescent-inspire-tight all-sport-support-tank

lululemon-iridescent-inspire-tight all-sport-support-tank

lululemon-iridescent-inspire-tight all-sport-support-tank
Photos of the new Iridescent Multi Inspire Tights. Shown with a Wild Tank. The other woman has on a Blue Tropics All Sport Support Tank, $64. This tank has been out in the UK for awhile now and I've been waiting for it to hit North America.

lululemon all-sport-support-tank
All Sport Support Tank, $64.


Anonymous said...

I'm so curious of all sports tank in built bra for running.any reviews anywhere about it?

LuluAddict said...

I've seen one try on photo but the woman did not provide any fit info with it. I am dying to know about it, too.

Julie said...

I tried it on, and I liked it, but I didn't love it. It wasn't as attractive on me as I'd hoped because it accentuated my small amount of back bulge. I found it a bit snugger than my usual TTS (but I don't think so much that I would go up—they didn't have the size up, so I didn't get to try it). I found it fit like the Power up tank (in terms of sizing, not silhouette). Still, it's a very cute back design.

LuluAddict said...

@Julie - thanks!

Alejandra said...

I had the same experience with it that I hd the Crossback Tank- it looked good, but the bra didn't provide great support which I expect if the tank is going to have a built in bra. I tried only usual size 6 and it was TTS. The name is misleading because the all sport bra is so supportive.

mal mal said...

I bought the all sport support from the HK website. I wear Sz 4 for NLT, Sz 6 for restless,Sz 6 for bra tops.

I found Sz 6 fits nicely for me. The back design is very flattering & the tank fits nicely. Hope this helps.