Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lululemon + Lacrosse? YASSS!


lululemon-lacrosse men

lululemon men-playing-lacrosse

I know it's not Man Crush Monday but when photos of dudes playing lacrosse wearing lululemon came across my Twitter feed I had to post. I didn't realize these were the new photos uploaded to the men's side last night. My alma mater is a lacrosse powerhouse so I have a special spot in my heart for the game. I wish it was more popular out here, it's such an exciting game to watch.


Anonymous said...

I used to love watching men's lacrosse at UVa. But I don't remember them looking as good as they do in these pics! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As a LAX mom I can say my son would NEVER be caught wearing Lululemon..but nice job promoting the awesome sport of lacrosse!!

Unknown said...

It's funny..I have slowly but surely converted my 2 oldest sons 16 (Football, Volleyball Player) and my 17 year old (Football Player) into Lulu wearing men..They love the metal vents and recently the ABC Pants..I love them because I don't have to iron them, Bonus for mom..My hubby has worn many pieces for a while and just broke down a purchased the ABC Pant.
And now many of my son's peers are taking notice and have started to buy some of the pieces too.

Anonymous said...

My husband likes seeing me in lulu but he also would not be caught dead wearing it. No picture would convince him it's manly enough lol.

Anonymous said...

I've bought my boyfriend a few items (rulu 1/2 zip, best coast hoodie, several pairs of kahuna shorts, ascent pants, metal vent tee, some polos, kung fu pants, etc.) and now he is hooked. Every time a package comes in the mail he asks what I got for him. Sadly for him usually nothing!! It's all so comfortable because of the stretchiness and breathability.

He wears lulu mostly to golf in or casually.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend would never wear lulu even if it was given to him. He always teases me about my lulu problem. He does wash my lulu stuff and hang dries it and thinks some of it looks cute on me, but says I am over the top with buying lulu.