Sunday, April 12, 2015

Iridescent Multi Studio Racerback vs. Tender Violet, Potion Purple, Ultra Violet, Angel Blue, Menthol, and Lots More

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult

lululemon studio-racerback iridescent-mult
As promised, some photos of the new Iridescent Multi Studio Racerback. I tried to pick out some purples, greenish blues, and other colors I thought might look nice with it.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult tender-violet potion-purple
The Dance Headband is Violaceous.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult tender-violet

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-tender-violet potion-purple
With Tender Violet, left, and Ultra Violet, right.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult purple-fog
With Purple Fog, left, and Potion Purple, right.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult power-purple
With Power Purple. Don't love this combo as much as the others.

lululemon-studio-racerback-iridescent-mult concord-grape
With Concord Grape

With Bruised Berry. I don't care for this too much.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-muli-deep-navy

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-inkwell
Against Inkwell.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-angel-blue
With Aquamarine, left, and Angel Blue, right.

Just to see how it looked - Limitless Blue.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult-menthol
With Menthol.

lululemon-studio-racerback iridescent-mult clear-mint
With the Clear Mint Swiftly Tank.

With Alberta Lake.

I think I'm going to have to order the Inspires or another crop in this print since it goes with 70% of the colors in my closet.


Anonymous said...

Love it. That Concord Grape tshirt with the gray stripe - is that new? also, is it a loose fitting tee?

kate42735 said...

Awesome review! You're so right! Such a versatile print!

Anonymous said...

Thx for all the comparisons. I was going to pair with naval blue wuc. I was thinking of getting regal plum if they come in wuc. It is close to the ultraviolet colour. I was thinking of getting it in a skirt but colours kinda remind me of my curious jungle skirt from last fall.

Unknown said...

Do you like the studio racerback in the print? I thought I read in an earlier post you were going to return..But I may have been reading someone else comment..can't remember :)

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I am on the fence about returning it. I like the print but not sure if I like it as a tank or in the SRB and maybe I'd like it better in a Power Y or other tank.

@ anon 3:20 pm - that concord grape top is ancient. It's an old Revitalize SS tee made of silverescent circle mesh. It's a great run top.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually buy prints (I tend to get sick of them quickly so can't justify the expense), but I LOVE the ghost weave. I also really like the breeze plum WUs. I fish they would do a similar print in grey with the black background.

Unknown said...

@LLA Love Love Love your collection of purples..One of my favorite colors!!! I really like that circle mesh ss shirt you are showing..when will they come out with more circle mesh?!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about your clear mint swiftly tank... Is clear mint more yellow in swiftly material than in other fabrics? I can tell there is still green in it, but in all the swiftly photos of clear mint I have seen, it looks more yellow than it does in other fabrics

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:48 pm - maybe a little. I know the Swiftly material in clear mint is rather thin and see through so I'm wondering if it's picking up some lightness from showing people's skin tones through it.

Anonymous said...

I also bought the iridescent multi SRB and while I think it's versatile, I just don't love it, so I'm returning it. I think I'd rather have the ghost weave SRB when it uploads, and maybe the regal plum power Y.

I have so many workout clothes that if it isn't something I love, I just can't justify it.

Anonymous said...

This print looks good with Concord Grape. I think it would look good with Black Swan too.

The print is not for me. I agree with Anon 8:45 PM. I have a lot of LLL and am more selective about what I buy now.

I recently moved and unloaded quite a few items in the months leading up. I am SO happy I did this. It forced me to take stock of what I had and I was pretty appalled with myself. I'll never put myself in that situation again.

It's also fine with me that the stuff out now doesn't appeal to me. No temptation.

Anonymous said...

Clear Mint is really Faded Zap from last year I believe. Someone posted a Clear Mint swiftly and a Faded Zap swiftly and they were literally the exact same top with just a name change.

Anonymous said...

10:35 clear mint is more iridescent than faded zap. I have a faded zap bang buster and a skirt and the clear mint color is more dense and bright.
The pattern on the SRB is hard for me, sometimes I like it,but in this top it's not doing a thing for me.