Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot to Street Tank, Crop, and Pant; Noir Jacket, and More

lululemon-hot-to-street tank-crop


lululemon-hot-to-street crop

lululemon hot-to-street tank-crop

lululemon-hot-to-street tank-crop plum

lululemon-hot-to-street tank-crop heat-wave
 The Hot to Street capsule is hitting US stores now. Shown are the Hot to Street Tank in Heat Wave print and Regal Plum Hot to Street Crops.

lululemon-hot-to-street tank-pant

lululemon-hot-to-street tank-pant
Heat Wave Hot to Street Tank and black Hot to Street Pants

lululemon-hot-to-street slate-tank


lululemon hot-to-street slate-tank

lululemon hot-to-street-slate-tank

There is also a Heathered Slate/Heat Wave Print Hot to Street Tank. Also shown are Heat Wave Hot to Street Pants.

lululemon-hot-to-street brushed-animal-pant

lululemon hot-to-street brushed-animal-pant

lululemon hot-to-street brushed-animal-pant

Solid Black Hot to Street Tank and Coal Brushed Animal Hot to Street Pants.

lululemon-hot-to-street heat-wave-crop

lululemon hot-to-street heat-wave-crop
Regal Plum Hot to Street Tank and Heat Wave Hot to Street Crops

lululemon-hot-to-street plum-short

lululemon-hot-to-street plum-short-tank

lululemon hot-to-street plum-short
Funky Hot to Street Shorts. Shown with a Hot to Street Tank.

lululemon-noir-jacket ghost-weave

lululemon-noir-jacket ghost-weave

lululemon-noir-jacket brushed-animal

lululemon-noir-jacket black


lululemon noir-jacket black

Noir Jacket in Ghost Weave, Coal Brushed Animal, and Black


Anonymous said...

These ladies wear/sell the current offerings well but I'm glad none of it appeals to me.

Anonymous said...

OT Received my electric coral WUC and I am happy to inform that my pair is not sheer, and the color is amazing. It is definitely more glow orange than the color flash. Will test for bleeding.


LuluAddict said...

@M - it seems that people are hit or miss with the coral WUCs being sheer or not. So weird.

Anonymous said...

When is this ugly mesh madness going to stop???

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:35 pm - Gawd, I know. I came across a couple of photos of the Hot to Street Pants and the mesh was bunched up like elderly women's stretched out stockings. I didn't post because the pants were just too hideous on the poor woman.

Anonymous said...

regarding the WUC I triple checked for sheerness and didn't find any issues. The fabric feels a lot like the Supplex used by yogasmoga but not as dense.
Why would production be so inconsistent?


Anonymous said...

It really seems like these clothes are aimed at a younger demographic. They look great on these women, but I can't imagine anyone over the age of 30 (maybe the cutoff is even younger) wearing these. I like lulu for the classic, long wearing clothes. These mesh clothing lines are so ugly!

Deezee007 said...

@ M 8:48

I second your review in that my Electric Coral WUC were not sheer either. I even wrote a review online as the Electric Coral was getting such bad press. I'm not sure why the batches of this color is so hit and miss.
That being said, I did caveat my review by stating we shouldn't have to "pray" for a good batch of Lulu garments and that QC needs to start earning their money.

Anonymous said...

With the WUP and crop in the coral, I found them to be pretty opaque for the color - better than the similar ALO option for sure which showed let's say EVERYTHING FRONT AND BACK! Like inappropriate!
The reason I walked away from both was when I saw my butt and thighs in them in the sunlight ... Yikes! If I had NO lumps or bumps I would have totally kept them, but alas, every size from a 2 to a 6 left me feeling not so great about my body. Darn.

And I agree about the mesh! I find myself feeling like I have to treat the mesh items more delicately .... And those pants... The mesh comes all the way up to just below her butt!! I like edgy pieces, but I'm not sure o feel comfortable taking my kids to the gym at the Y with those puppies on!

AmyT said...

Wow. The mesh. What gives? It's horrific even on the bestt body. And those pants with the mesh all the up to the bum. Gah!!!