Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot to Street Items Arriving in US Stores, and More

I must have missed this White/Silver Nimbus print What'Sup hat when it uploaded. I like this more subtle pattern. I have three 'Sup hats and wear them all the time.

lululemon hot-to-street-tank hot-to-street-pant


lululemon-hot-to-street-tank hot-to-street-pant

Hot to Street Tank and Pants. This is from a US store.


lululemon var-city-muscle-tank-crop
Var-City Muscle Tank and Var-City Crops. I love the weave pattern echoed in the top and bottom. Also shown is a Race to Place hat.

lululemon pigment-wave-scultp-tank
Biggie Pigment Wave Sculpt Tank and Black Cherry Jet crops. I tried this tank on last week and was so tempted to get it but might wait for the colored version before I make a decision.


Deezee007 said...

Oh wow, I didn't even notice that the Nimbus Sup hat has a cloud pattern on it. You can't even see the cloud patter online. I might need this one too. I just purchased my 1st Sup hat and I have been wearing it everywhere.
I am definitely going to need those Speeds. Hot pattern.

Unknown said...

LLA..I know you had said earlier that you weren't wild about the sculpt tank..I too had that initial opinion but have since changed my mind :) I purchased it in the Biggie Pigment Wave print and have really grown to like it. Wondered what you think and why you changed your mind.
Also was at a different Lulu yesterday and was able to snag the Clear Mint CRB..I love it and it's nice and thick and very saturated with color that there are no shear issues I am happy to say!!

LuluAddict said...

@lulu - I only like it for the print. I still think it's a bit baggy and the neckline is too high for my preferences.

Anonymous said...

LLA do you wear the 'sup hats running? I think they look cute but not sure if the front part is too thick/hot?