Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ghost Weave Love Tee, Heat Wave High Times and Wunder Under Pants, Plus More

lululemon-love-tee ghost-weave

lululemon-love-tee ghost-weave rain-on-jacket

lululemon love-tee ghost-weave
Ghost Weave Love Tee. Also shown in the Bark Berry Rain On Jacket and Animal Swirl Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon-heat-wave high-times-pant

lululemon heat-wave high-times-pant

lululemon-heat-wave wunder-under-pant

lululemon-heat-wave wunder-under-pant
Heat Wave Wunder Under Pants (photos from Tracey Incau)


lululemon-tracker-iii brushed-animal

lululemon-headband brushed-animal
Brushed Animal Tracker III shorts, Brushed Animal Headband, Electric Coral Var-City Tank and Bra.


Lululover said...

I'm starting to like Heat Wave print, think it'll be a good neutral. Wonder if there will be WUC

christine said...

i NEED those heat wave High Times are these pics from US stores @LuluAddict?

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the Love tee and tech mesh tights coming from? Are they in CA??

Anonymous said...

WUC in the electric coral are sheer. I ordered mine from the website and then saw them at my local store in person. yup you could see the hang tag.
They are for candle lit yoga only.


Jamie said...

I don't live near a Lululemon store, are the Heat Wave High Times pants and Brushed Animal Inspire Crops in stores in the U.S.? I'm obsessed with both and hoping to pick them up in a couple weeks when I'm visiting family.