Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Australian Spoilers

Pretty new Hot to Street Tank. No size 12s, though. :(

New Ghost Weave print Straight Up bra. Also coming in Deep Navy and Black. I would have given this bra a try but it stops at a 10.

New Hot to Street Crops in Heat Wave Print, Regal Plum, and Coal Animal Swirl.

There are also Hot to Street Pants. Shown in Coal Brushed Animal and Heat Wave print.

Hot to Street Shorts in Ghost Weave Print.

Ghost Weave Studio Racerback. I might have to order this when it comes here.

Heat Wave Cool Racerback.

Heat Wave print items in Wunder Under Pants, Jet Crops, and Tech Mesh High Times.

Heat Wave Find Your Bliss Jacket

Heat Wave Print Cross Back Tank

Cardi in the Front sweater

Not sure if we'll get this - Buffalo Check Run All Day Backpack

Iridescent Mutli Print Towel

Regal Plum In Flux jacket

New tee style previewed in this headband photo. I like it.

Regal Plum Energy Bra. There is also an Iridescent Multi print Energy bra out.


Anonymous said...

Tough choice on which pants are the ugliest!! Yuck!

Alin said...

Poor Australia. Yikes.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:08 am - bwahaha. The Heat Wave Jet crops remind me of those 90s Zubaz pants.

Rise and Shine said...

I'm just happy that there's a backpack I like and the Ghost Weave SRB. I have been so close to completely giving up Lulu. Seriously went from spending $1000+ per month to maybe $50 per month.I've just come to expect irrelevant and ugly, so I'm super happy to have 2 items I like in a single upload. Now, if only the upload were to my region, all would be well...

Anonymous said...

Regal Plum...ergh. I'm trying so hard to want it. It's actually a pretty color. But all I want is BRIGHTS. It's SPRING! Soon it will be SUMMER!!! Yay! Boo for black and white! (I know, I know, 'electric coral'. Seems like Canada's been slow to get anything electric coral.)

Anonymous said...

Ridiculously ugly! Gee-zus. I think this is by far the worst of the worst. The prints are atrocious, anything to make us look bigger, huh??

Anonymous said...

I think LLL has officially jumped the shark!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I like weird and out there styles, but this stuff is just awful. yikes! what is the thought behind all this garbage
with a price tag.


Anonymous said...

@LLA, the headband photo that shows a "new" tee style, looks like the current Love Tee in a new print!