Friday, March 20, 2015

Yeah Yoga Tank, Blue Tropics Scuba, Hawk Blue Yogini Trouser Pant, and More

lululemon-yeah-yoga-tank vintage-pink


lululemon-yeah-yoga-tank fatigue


Yeah Yoga Tanks in Vintage Pink and Fatigue Green. Shown with Groove II pants and Sculpt Short.

I seriously covet this Blue Tropics Scuba.

lululemon-raw-blue yogini-trouser-pant

lululemon-raw-blue yogini- rouser-pant
Hawk Blue Yogini Trouser Pant. I love the color and hope some Grooves and Wunder Unders are coming in it, not to mention a Cool Racerback. Shown with the Rejuvenate Yoga Tote and Between the Lines LS.

lululemon city skirt


Anonymous said...

What pants is the girl in the top pic wearing please?

Anonymous said...

Has there been a blue tropics scuba before? I have one in a similar color

Anonymous said...

Groove ii

Anonymous said...

Hello, has anyone seen the Rejuvenate Yoga Tote in orange county locations yet? what colors does it come in?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how hawk blue would compared with the older blues. I have limitless blue and it's my favorite blue ever! This hawk blue seems like a slightly lighter version. Just bought the deep navy one and it's a great classic! It feels slightly small in my usual size. But whatever, I'm desperate for CRBs at this point :)

Spidermobile_Girl said...

Blue Tropics is really similar to my Surge Scuba, that's why I am not getting Blue Tropics. I only wish they would come out with a Blue Tropics CRB and a Vintage Pink CRB!

Alin said...

Spidermobile, have you tried the Studio Racerback? I am a diehard CRB fan but got impatient with LLL depriving us of beautiful colors. I got the SRB in Vintage Pink and seriously love it. In a way, I like the cut even more than CRB. Give it a shot if you haven't already. The vintage pink is stunning, you dont want to miss out.

Anonymous said...

I got my Yeah Yoga tank in Vintage Pink in the mail yesterday (i'm on the East Coast and so thankful for the Ohio warehouse - ordered on Tuesday and received on Friday - used to take over a week!). It's soft and silky, a beautiful color and the fit is great too, very TTS, but it's a tad sheer and hides no sins, that's for sure. Since it isn't called "Yeah Kickboxing" I wore an Energy Bra underneath for my high intensity class this morning. I really like it though, and if it came in other bright colors (Screaming Green, please!) or bright patterns, I would definitely buy another.

Anonymous said...

Brunette in the white top and blue pants looks great in her tortoise shell, round glasses. I wish I could wear round frames.