Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It's up. Get it here.

lululemon-scuba vintage-green

lululemon-free-t-be-wild vintage-green

lululemon-free-t-be-wild vintage-green

Lucky Canada got Vintage Green Scuba and Free to Be Wild Bra. I love the Minty Gray color straps on the back of the FTBW. I hope we'll be seeing CRB in both these new colors.

lululemon-free-to-be-wild electric-coral
Electric Coral Free to Be Wild Bra. I would like a CRB in this, too.

lululemon-free-to-be-wild black-cherry

lululemon-sea-me-run too-speed-bra

lululemon-sea-me-run too-speed-bra
The US got more swim pieces. This is the Sea Me Run Top Speed Bra. So sad the Water Bound bra did not come back, though this does look supportive.

Canada got this pretty Denim Alberta Lake Crew Love Pullover. I'll be watching for this on the markdown rack.

Canada got the Cut Above Dress.

The US got the Blue Tropics Energy Bra.


lululemon-black-cherry-high-times pant
Canada got the Black Cherry High Times with the mesh insert.

lululemon pace-rival-skirt

The US got new Pace Rivals skirt.

lululemon-wunder-under naval-blue




Weekend SS Tees. I really like the LS version of this top.



The US got the Sugar Crush CRB.

Canada got the Clear Mint CRB. If this is opaque I'll probably get it.

The Deep Navy CRB finally showed up in the US.

The Moody Mirage Hip to Be Free bag is tempting. (US)


lululemon city-kick-pant
Canada got the City Kick It Pant. Could the models make these look any worse?




lululemon on-the-daily-hoodie
Bordeaux On the Daily Hoodie (CA)






lululemon fo-drizzle
Canada got more colors of the Fo Drizzle jacket.

I just signed up for another pricey Disney race today so nothing for me. Did you get anything?


Anonymous said...

boo...no new colors of the hip to be free bags in Canada

Heather said...

When will Canada get the hip to be free bag in other collors?

Alin said...

Vintage Green is gorgeous! Wow, I want things (FTB SRB CRB) in that. So many FTBW. I just can't do that style. A whole mess of ropes between my shoulder blades, no thanks. The Blue Tropics tank looks like a nest of millipedes crawling all over that girls back. Nothing for me. I got 3 SRBs in the past week so I'm ok for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Nothing for me. I'm craving fun, cheery, and bright colors for the change of season. OT: These models are gorgeous, but I really miss the athletic and overall happier vibe the photos portrayed in year's past. Beauty comes in all shapes and I feel lulu used to do a fabulous job of showcasing that in their online fit models... not so much these days.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What's the problem with how the models make the city kick it pants look? The pants probably aren't for me but I am not seeing how they would look any different on anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I got the all-in short and the cut above dress in the gris/navy. I'm not sure that dress will do anything for me, but I figure I'll buy now, return later :) now if only the weather would rise above freezing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the US got a whole lot of... nothing! Another disappointing upload. I guess this is the new normal. :(

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:07 pm - I don't know, maybe get a model with a fuller leg or something. The rear view is not very attractive but it could be the style. I'll reserved judgement until I see them on some educators.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all for me .... Wow.. Didn't see that coming! *yawn*

Jess said...

Seriously was waiting for the sea me run LS in clear mint and it didn't upload!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I was thinking the same thing about some of these new pants...I wouldn't even think of ordering them online (no local store) if these beautiful and thin girls can't make them look pretty!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if LLL has discontinued making Run Times Shorts in Size 2? I haven't been able to find a pair in months. Sigh. I check all the stores and they are so inconsistent in their messaging about Yes or No. Thanks for any info! I think they are losing out on a market if they don't make them in this size because we don' t all want Speed shorts in size 2 only....

Unknown said...

omg hilarious...it does look like centipedes. wish it were solid :(

Unknown said...

you'd think they'd have athletic and/or fit models, instead of just thin or skinny ones.

Deezee007 said...

I have the See Me Run Short and Sup Hat in Prickly Pear in my cart. Debating on whether to pull the trigger. I am in love with this adorable cati print!
And when that Vintage Green Scuba makes it to the US, I'm in big trouble. That is a gorgeous color.

Anonymous said...

City kick it reminds me of the gather and crow crops a bit. I miss those.

Anonymous said...

I got the Clear Mint Crossback Tank - I really like the style of this tank (though still holding my breath for a Stuff Your Bra tank - please please please) and I SO needed to buy something in a bright color - there's still two feet of snow in my yard.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Vintage Green/Minty Grey FTBW (Canada). FTBW now do not necessarily arrive in Canadian stores (am in Toronto) the same week as an upload so I do not want to have to "stalk" this one. I LOVE the green and also hope we get a CRB in both the vintage green and minty grey. I'm still after the star crushed white/blue FTBW that I missed a couple of weeks ago in the Canadian upload (and it has not yet arrived in stores here).

@Alin, on the FTBW straps - my initial impression a couple of years ago was that the straps would be bothersome but they are not at all. I am light busted so this bra works for me from the support side and overall it is very comfortable. Wore my hyperstripe/seamist one tonight in hot yoga and was reminded how comfortable it is.

City Kick Pant - I don't like the way the bottom of the pant is flaring out and that the stripes don't line up on the hyperstripe version. Here it is too obvious they do not line up.

The multi coloured Pace Rivals skirt looks too odd to me, bunch of materials thrown together.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping for a WU crop in the silver fox stripe - wasn't expecting those pants in the silver fox stripe. I noticed that the stripes are not aligned at the seam on the abs.....i would expect better for the price. I think the wild tank is gorgeous - I ordered it. I have the what the sport singlet in tropics but i will be taking it back for the wild tank. But now I will have 3 wild tanks -- don't know that I want so many in various colours.

Lululover said...

I agree , models are pretty, but there's no muscle tone, they are skin and bones. I would also rather see more stronger & athletic models

Rise and Shine said...

Skinny models inspire diets; athletic models inspire exercise. Seems like Lulu ought to be able to see which would help their bottom line more.

Re: the upload, remind me again why we care so much about this company? Boring and lots of fug. What is special about Lulu? It really could be any of the competitors. Innovation, thoughtful details, flattering cuts? Um, not lately. Hoping for better, but haven't bought much since last summer.

Anonymous said...

I got the navy CRB and blue tropics Run Times shorts. I haven't tried this short style before so am curious if I like them!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! This is an athletic line that should have athletic looking models..it's not a couture line that needs skin & bone to model.

Unknown said...

I recently bought my first wild tank but on further review at home I'm going to be returning it. I just think for me that it's not a perfect fit... I'm between an 8 and 10 , I bought the 8 because it was more supportive but in the end depending on how all the straps lay it squeezes in the wrong areas which doesn't flatter :(
I really like the new print in the hip to be free but had already purchased a different one so I need to decide before buying another. And like many of you love the new green!

OHBabbs said...

Agree about the models. It's like they switched over to using the "lab" models for everything. I must say when I look at an Athleta catalog I'm inspired by those models. They are very fit, in active yoga poses and gosh their models have serious street credit. Their top fit model Lauren Collins is a track and field star. Athleta has had a better spring line thus far and their swim line has been a hit for me. I could never contain myslef in what Lulu has offered up.

LuluAddict said...

@OHBabbs - my husband prefers the models in the Athleta catalog, too. For one thing, he says they smile more. I think they also look fitter and have on nicely coordinating outfits. There are a new pair of Sonar crops that I plan on ordering - the Hail Storm print. They're on back order now so I'll wait for them to hit the store. Their swim stuff is very nice, I have a ton of pieces of it.

@Rise and Shine - I have a real partiality to some of lululemon's materials like luxtreme, luon, and swift knit, and they have nice functional details like thigh pockets on their run bottoms. I also think their fit is a ton more consistent than Athleta's. Lulu can just mine through their old designs and re-release older stuff in new colors. They don't need to innovate much, they have so many nice things they made very few items of that it will be new to most of their customers.

Unknown said...

Vintage green is so god damn gorgeous I could cry. I want EVERYTHING in that colour!!

Anonymous said...

I agree I want everything in vintage green. My fav green thus far from lulu. Unfortunately for me the lulu logo on that scuba is too bold for me. Eagerly awaiting other pieces though!

Lululover said...

I ordered Sea Me run shorts in heathered textured gray and Sea Me run singlets in Clear Mint and Mini blushed illusion for our Vegas trip poolside

Anonymous said...

Here's another vote for Athleta models/style of modeling clothing. I'd rather see fewer standing around poses and more action shots. I've even retained a few pics from the Athleta catalog because they were so inspirational. I'd probably buy more if they had more online stuff available in-store to check out. There's one Lulu model in particular that never seems to "sell it", especially jackets, and has mostly the same facial expression for everything. I know I'd never qualify to be a model of any sort, but I had to finally get it out of my system.

...And to keep it on topic, I picked up the Moody Mirage Hip To Be Free bag and a Retreat Tee.

amy said...

Ah, looks like a great evening to be a Canadian! Dear Canadians, I'm jealous. I envy your clear ports.

All I got was the white 'sup hat. It's nice to have a fresh white hat. I hope I don't trash it too quickly.

The Vintage Green scuba looks nice--maybe I'll pick it up when it gets uploaded to the US. I'm tempted by the Sea Me Run top--that looks ultra functional and will go quickly. Plus it looks sort of warrior like and will emphasis slim waists.

Loved your comment- on the Denim Alberta Lake Crew Love Pullover. "I'll be watching for this on the markdown rack"-it does look comfy and nice but the price. oy.

tljjazzy said...

Exactly. I've tried to find another brand I like as well but to no avail.

Anonymous said...

I love the green Scuba too! And even the FTBW bra (although I am generally sick of *Wild). Also really like the bordeaux hoodie. Relieved none of these pieces are in the US yet as I am seriously banned for the moment.

The kick it pants are ugly (on everyone). Croped flares, no thanks. Looks like five years ago.

I really like the sculpt shorts but they need a phone pocket on the leg for running to make them worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

So when did last years grape/bumbleberry FTBW get uploaded??

Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to snag the Nimbus Speed shorts. Otherwise I'll wait for a Vintage Green 105f.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:15 am - I am reading it just showed up - stealth upload.

Unknown said...

yes it uploaded this morning. I wasn't sure if it was some kinda fluke but I ordered one and got confirmation of order. we will see if ship happens though ;)

Anonymous said...

On the models - I actually kind of like the lulu models. They're skinny but otherwise fairly normal looking and in some cases even a pinch flabby (ok, a very tiny tiny pinch).. In other words, nothing to be real envious of. Although the mega muscled athleta ideal is awesome and certainly mirrors my goals, it seems less attainable (particularly when one has to actually work for living).

I do wish lulu would tell you how tall the models are though and what sizing they are wearing. I think its really helpful when vendors do this especially for length. It makes even more sense here since lulu uses a 2-12 sizing instead of s,m,l, etc. Depending on the piece, I can wear sizes 6-10..

Whitney Spinelli said...

Will the U.S. get the wild tank in blue tropics? I hope soon! I want it!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the blue tropics wild tank in a store in Seattle,
I wish the straps on the energy bra were the same blue tropics color, it would be a lot more tempting to buy

Anonymous said...

I totally agree they have abds but that's it. athleta models look great.

Chezhire71 said...

Boring upload.
I ordered my Blue Tropics Wild Tank from a CA store on Monday, after seeing product drop pics on FB, & it arrived today.
So gorgeous on!
For those who don't like the contrasting navy & white striped straps, c'est la vie! I think it's a gorg color combo, and I can RUN in these tanks.
Looks super hot with all my navy Lulu bottoms.

Still waiting for those Silver Fox High Times that Australia got weeks ago...and the Coral FTBW bra.